No time...

Bah! I thought i would have more time to relax after the Loo Campaign organised by the World Restroom Association but i seem to get more and more busy.

So many month end reports to do, load photos, attend course and 1 particular new sales person is irritating the shit out of me not to mention the usual rubbish coming from Branch Support.

I swear i will not Ms Nice Lady anymore if she pisses me off 1 more time. Don't understand how an adult woman like her can act like that with that kind of behaviour.

Don't wanna talk about her right now. Let me have a nice weekend for once. I'm already having enough stress.

My handphone is a total goner. Even Sony Ericsson can't save my phone. What luck! So it's time for me to burn a hole in my pocket again.

The only good thing is that my pimples are getting slightly better though it's still pretty red and i think the scars are gonna stay awhile.

I also bought a new camera and i love it so much!!! It's the Canon PowerShot E1 and it's in baby pink colour. Gracie is soooooo jealous. Lol..

If you wanna view the photos i've taken during the campaign then go here.

I have also posted photos of our sales BBQ organised by KAM(Key Account Manager) Team.

Now it's time for me to go relax and watch some shows. Will try to blog more often.


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