Today we had the 1st meeting with the new manager, Jaya on board. The meeting lasted for nearly half a day with lots of new issues.

My sales people had their share of complains on how much suffering we had with the unsupportive help of branch support.

At the same time, he also implemented alot of things on me which Jimmy never did in the past because he knows it's gonna be tough on me.

Jaya being totally new to our industry of cause had no idea. Apparently, it was the directive from our dear GM.

I'm gonna be overloaded soon but still, i had to get on with it. I'll try it for a month or so to see how well i can deal with it.

I wanna see how far i can stretch my limits. He say will employ an assistant for me but whether the headcount will be approved is still another thing.

I see darkness ahead of me. Gonna be totally engulfed by it soon. My life sucks but at least i'm proven to be capable of handling things well. =)

He initially suggested me to join the sales as a BDE (Business Development Executive) which is what all my sales are doing.

Reason being that i'm still so new in the company, never went through public training course before and yet i did so well in the training i gave them.

I don't know to believe or not. Sounds like an excuse to push me go do sales. I rejected him. I said i'm not ready yet.

The company is in a mess now, new sales scheme sucks and i know what kind of suffering my BDEs went through.

I'll wait till when things are better before considering joining. Can't be a sales coordinator for the rest of my life right?

It's not such a bad idea la since i'm gonna take diploma in Sales & Marketing after my cert. It would help to have some field experience.

The plan for my life in the next 10 years would be to go into the managerial post when i reach 35. I believe i can do it.

My life isn't that bad actually huh? Because i have God in my life. Gonna go sleep le cause my eyes are half-closed. Zzzzzz......


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