Horrible experience

Last night on my way home, i encounter a horrible experience. A malay guy walk up towards me and ask me where i'm going.

He was smiling pervertly to me. I ignored him and just continue walking feeling abit scared and thinking if i should look for help.

I never expected that he would actually walk 1 big round just to catch me at the entrance of the lift grinning pervertly at me again.

I really got a nasty shock to see him there but i was really lucky as there's a auntie there already waiting for a lift.

That stupid pervert malay guy walk away in disappointment. I quickly went into the lift with the auntie and told her what happened.

She said i was really lucky that she too just got back and she also said that she have never seen this guy around before.

I thank God and the auntie for saving me in time. If it was just me and the guy, who would have known what would happen.

It really freaked me out totally bringing back alot of bad memories of the past when i was young.

I was shivering when i reach home. I went into my room and cry myself to sleep.

I hope this thing will not happen again.


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