Ultimate Stress...

Lately, alot has been happening at home. It had been a very unhappy Christmas.

I have lots of mixed feelings within me. Sad, disappointed, shocked, betrayal, cheated, denial.

All i wanted was someone close to me who can understand me and go thru all this trials of tough times with me but apparently, there is none.

I wanna end all this unhappiness once and for all but it's not within my means to do so.

Sometimes i wonder why i have to go thru all this unneccessary mental stress. It's very unhealthy for me.

I only have 1 answer to that. I have to learn to be strong so as to overcome everything. Instead of mentally breaking down, i become stronger.

I believe that my happiness is out there waiting for me. I have to fight to get out from the maze of unhappiness and my happiness will be there waiting for me.

The day will come. I just have to endure for now. God will give me my well deserved happiness.


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