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In Memory Of Lawrence Tan Wei Meng

Recently, a very good friend of mine just passed away in an accident. His name is Lawrence Tan Wei Meng, Male, 28 this year. Birth date 07/11/1981.

His death was in the news. Apparently, some lorry driver did an illegal u-turn and thus crashing head on with my friend's van causing him to suffer serious injuries.

I've known him for 10 years. He was the last person i thought that would go off so young. He passed away on 10/12/2009. A day i will always remember.

I have not seen him for 3 years. Just a few days before his death, he msn me to ask me out. I told him to give me a call but i guess the call will never come anymore.

Till now i still can't believe that he is gone but i've already stopped crying because of what a friend told me. I shall list it out later.

Right now, i just wanna say what a good friend he had been to me. He had always been a cheerful and jovial person. Always giving a helping hand to others.

He was a fillial kid and did his best in everything. Nothing ev…


Okay. I'm back again. Somebody is complaining that i don't blog often enough. Very kanasai. Never write blog also must get scolding.

I see that he's a good friend by accompanying me when i'm down and lending his shoulder when i cry then i write now so he can read. Song bo? Haha..

Man.. I think i really too long never write blog until now i'm using all sorts of language. This has to stop. I must go back to my perfect English writing.

Hmmmm.. What shall i blog about? All i have to say are sad things. People who know me know what kind of mum i have right?

Just yesterday, she told me to get out of the house again which is really heart breaking. I can tolerate anybody outside whom i don't care about.

They can scold me, say things about me or even laugh at me but when people i care say nasty things to me, it is really hurting.

Sometimes i don't know if i hate my mum more than i love her. How much more of her nonsense can i tolerate for the love i have for her?

I was at …

I'm back!

Hi all! It's been a long time since i blogged. It's not that i don't care about this blog anymore. I've been giving myself lots of excuses that i don't have time to blog.

In fact, i've been going out a lot with lots of newfound friends. Life has been good for me even though i have already left my ex company.

Well now.. Where do i start? I really have no idea what to say. A lot has happened within this 3 months. Some good some bad.

Alright. I'm now wasting my life away working part time in a pub for the time being while looking for another full time day job.

It ain't that bad actually. Working there has let me improve my drinking skills and make many friends. They are all really fun and my boss is good to me too but i know i can't stay there for long. It's not exactly a proper career.

Been single for a long time though there are now people going after me but i did not take a step further other than just being friends.

Maybe i have fear of being hurt ag…

Still so busy...

Exams are over but i still don't have much time to blog.

I'm always near dead when i'm home everyday. Just so freaking tired.

Nothing happening except that i'm waiting for my results to be out.

Apart from that, i'm actually counting down the days when my birthday comes.

Will anyone even remember it? All i know is that i will be working on that day.

I don't even know how i will celebrate it. No mood to celebrate at all.

What's so nice to celebrate when you are getting older?

I'm pretty much dreading the day coming actually. I'll be officially in my late twenties then.

No more mid twenties le. Boohoohoo...

Sighz.. Counting down to 9 more days when i become an old woman.

Baaahhhhhhh... I don't want la!!! Somebody help me please!!!

Lucky or Unlucky?

Thursday was probably the most fearful day i had.

I dropped my handphone on the cab and it was that brand new handphone that i bought for less than a month.

It was upon reaching office that i realised it. I panicked and started calling my phone like a mad woman, tears nearly bursting out of my eyes.

I was damn lucky that the auntie driver picked up my call before i went bonkers.

She came back and return me my phone while i paid her $10 for travelling back. What's $10 compared to my new phone right?

Recently i never blog because i'm currently addicted to facebook's texas poker. Damn addictive game. Can't stop.

But i know i have to stop somehow. Exams are round the corner and i really gotta start studying. Can't afford to fail.

Work has been a whole lot of stress. Additional workload but no additional income.

Life sucks but what to do. That's life.. Bear with it. Find a rich husband and marry off. Lol.. Just joking.

Recently i've been wondering if SMRT is being stupid…

Old Dogs!!!

One day the old German Shepherd starts chasing rabbits and before long,discovers that he's lost. Wandering about, he notices a leopard heading rapidly in his direction with the intention of having lunch.

The old German Shepherd thinks, 'Oh, oh! I'm in deep doo-doo now!' Noticing some bones on the ground close by, he immediately settles down to chew on the bones with his back to the approaching cat. Just as the leopard is about to leap, the old German Shepherd exclaims loudly, 'Boy, that was one delicious leopard! I wonder, if there are any more around here?'

Hearing this, the young leopard halts his attack in mid-strike, a look of terror comes over him and he slinks away into the trees.. 'Whew!' says the leopard, 'That was close! That old German Shepherd nearly had me!'

Meanwhile, a monkey who had been watching the whole scene from a nearby tree, figures he can put this knowledge to good use and trade it for protection from the leopard. So, off he …

My everything... (For that special someone who has left me)

The lonliness of nights alone
The search for strength to carry on
My every hope had seemed to die
My eyes had no more tears to cry
Then like the sun shined from up above
You surrounded me with your endless love
N all the things i couldn't see are now so clear to me
You are my everything
Nothing your heart won't bring
My life is yours alone
The only love I've ever known
Your spirit pulls me through
When nothing else will do
Every night I pray
On bended knee
That you will always be
My everything
Now all my hopes and all my dreams are suddenly reality
You've opened up my heart to feel
A kind of love that's truly real
A guiding light that'll never fade
There's not a thing in life that I would ever trade
For the love you give it won't let go
I hope you'll always know
You all my everything
Nothing your love won't bring
My life is yours alone
the only love I've ever known
Your spirit pulls me through
When nothing else will do
Every night I pray,
On bended knee
That you will alway…


Testing testing.. Testing 123.. Trying to blog from my new phone. Seems not bad wor. Here's a pretty photo of me for all to enjoy.

Just a dream..

Last night i had a dream about you. In my dreams, we were so happy and so loving.

In my dreams, we were back to when we 1st met each other. Everything was so new and exciting.

In my dreams, we went back to East Coast Park where we spent a lovely and touching night.

The feelings we had for each other were so real and heart warming. You were always there for me.

You are always so gentle and caring towards me. You never left me when i needed you. Always fixing my broken heart.

You never once let go of my hand no matter how tough things were. You told me that you will always be here for me.

When i'm unhappy, you do your best to make me laugh. When i couldn't control and cry, you hug me tight in your arms.

Always giving me the assurance i need. Everytime we are together, you always put a smile on my face.

You created happy memories of us so i can forget about the past. You help me out during my darkest moments.

I truly believe that you were brought to me by our beloved God. An angel from th…

Sibei Funny!!!

Got this from a friend's blog. Too funny not to share... =)

P.s: Think he dance better than Wonder Girls though.. =p

I'm still alive...

Dear friends, i'm not dead. I'm still alive la. Just that i've been too preoccupied to blog. So many things to do yet so little time.

Work has been frustrating especially when you are working with lazy, selfish, attitude problem people. Just cannot get peace of mind.

Many times i'm tempted to leave but i know i must carry on. Life doesn't just stop here. I will continue to meet many difficulties and i know i must overcome them so i can grow stronger.

Studies has been really tedious as well. Every 5 lessons there will be a quiz and the percentage you get in the quiz goes to your final exam as well.

Super stress ar!!!

Don't know how i even managed till now. The only consolation i get is getting attending RCIA and Church mass.

It's the only thing i do without feeling tired. Instead i feel stronger and more energetic. Drawing strength from God is indeed different.

I only wish i had more time to blog. It's been a long time since i poured out my feelings here. I mis…

I will be strong...

Life has dealt me with many severe blows but yet, life goes on.

Yes. I do cry and feel weak but i know i have to move on. Life doesn't stop just there.

I will learn to stand on my own feet and be strong. I must be strong because there is no one here for me anymore except God and i think that is good enough.

Only He will never give up on me. Even people you trust most will eventually hurt you and just leave you alone when you need them the most.

Despite all the changes in my life, my relationship and work, i will prove to them that i can be strong and adapt to the changes.

There is no motive in my life anymore. I think i will manage to find one but for now, my goal is to do well in my studies so as not to disappoint myself.

I can only take a step at a time now. There is no point in planning for the future because the future always change.

There is no guarantee in anything. Things often change when you least expect it. I guess in this world, when there is no expectations, there will be no …

Latest updates!

I've finally started on the course that i've long awaited for. Trying to cope with work, studies and RCIA course now.

Not gonna be easy but i believe i can do it. I will have lesser time to blog le. In fact, i'm getting kinda lazy to blog nowadays.

I have what they call writer's block. Although there are many things on my mind but i just don't know what to write or how to put it in words.

Guess i lost my interest in blogging for the time being. Haha.. Lazy me..

Anyway, been seeing lots of surveyors outside nowadays. Getting difficult to avoid them. They are basically saturated everywhere i go.

What's wrong man? Insurance company closing down is it? Got the need to send financial advisors everywhere to canvass anot?

It really irritates the shit out of me when they try to stop me especially when i'm rushing for time. Totally hate it!

I have nothing against insurance agents la. I have friends who are agents and i do buy from them if i can afford.

Maybe it's becaus…

I know...

I should be updating my blog but i really haven't got the time.

I'm always brain dead when i'm home and the only thing i can think of is gaming which doesn't really require you to use alot of your brain cells.

Either that or i'm always outside catching the latest movie.

Nothing interesting has really been happening in my life anyway. Just work, work and work.

Apart from that, my life has been really great and i'm back to the happy person i am. I no longer feel miserable.

The only thing that upsets me is my work. My work life is a painful and stressful agony. Always on the verge of going crazy everyday.

The only way to destress is to play game and watch movie. I've been eating alot as well but just can't gain any weight. -_-!!

Sometimes i'm really amazed at how we humans are so strong. The way we can take all kind of shit going on in our lives.

Despite all the politics and unhappiness, we are always moving ahead in our lives, always looking forward to a beau…

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Birthday to my dear Mel Mel too!
Lol.. Happy Birthday Valentino! Kakaka..




My long leave is over and today is my 3rd day back at work.

My engine is still down. I'm still in holiday mood but there are so many things to do.

Everything is being thrown to me and whether i do it right or not i'll still get F for nothing.

Sighz... Life's like this i guess. Just gotta learn how to face it and adapt to all sort of changes.

Though i've settled whatever issues i have, i'm still feeling pretty insecure.

Afriad that whatever is precious to me will be gone 1 day no matter how much i treasure it.

I keep having this sinking feeling in my stomach because i have lost way too much things enough to make me paranoid.

It's gonna be a tough journey but i believe i can make it. Time will change everything. I'll still get the happiness i'm long awaiting for.

It's not easy but i still hope i can get the blessings of some people. This people can change my life tremendously and i definitely will appreciate it.

Haven't been sleeping enough during chinese …

Not a very happy chinese new year...

I'm finally on my well deserved long break but so what?

Every one of my relatives is asking where my husband is and when i'm going to give birth when i went for visiting.

I told them i'm not married anymore and everyone thought i was joking.

Nobody knows how hurting it is for me to go through all this. Nobody...

Adding on to that, i was hurt badly once again by someone i loved deeply.

I don't know how long it's gonna take me to heal again. I can't stop my tears from flowing. Never thought this would happen to me again.

I feel so lost...

Happy 21st Birthday to Gracie!!!

She has finally grown up. All the best to you and your future my dear sista!

Extremely stress and tired...

Recently i've been so lethargic that i don't have time to blog at all.

All i think of when i reach home everyday is to sleep. Like total brain dead. Mentally drained.

I'm so stressed up at work that i've been experiencing chest pains and breathing difficulties.

While i'm still settling with 1 pile of work, here comes another pile. It's always like this. I can never finish my work.

Not to mention that i still need to support my BDEs with any urgent enquiries they may have.

My workload is getting heavier and heavier by the day but there's no increase in my pay.

I did try to ask but all i get was that i'm lucky to even have a job now that recession is coming which i think is quite true too.

Not that it helps with all the problems going on at home. I really feel like crying at times but i'm too tired to do it.

Haven't been sleeping well as well. I really need to learn how to relax but the problem is how to when troubles keep coming my way.

Not only that but …

Happy New Year 2009!!!

Last post for the year 2008.

My new resolution for year 2009 is to live my life to the fullest and my family to be happy together.

Forget the past and live happily for the beautiful future that is awaiting me.

May people who hurt me have an extremely lousy year.