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Not a very happy chinese new year...

I'm finally on my well deserved long break but so what?

Every one of my relatives is asking where my husband is and when i'm going to give birth when i went for visiting.

I told them i'm not married anymore and everyone thought i was joking.

Nobody knows how hurting it is for me to go through all this. Nobody...

Adding on to that, i was hurt badly once again by someone i loved deeply.

I don't know how long it's gonna take me to heal again. I can't stop my tears from flowing. Never thought this would happen to me again.

I feel so lost...

Happy 21st Birthday to Gracie!!!

She has finally grown up. All the best to you and your future my dear sista!

Extremely stress and tired...

Recently i've been so lethargic that i don't have time to blog at all.

All i think of when i reach home everyday is to sleep. Like total brain dead. Mentally drained.

I'm so stressed up at work that i've been experiencing chest pains and breathing difficulties.

While i'm still settling with 1 pile of work, here comes another pile. It's always like this. I can never finish my work.

Not to mention that i still need to support my BDEs with any urgent enquiries they may have.

My workload is getting heavier and heavier by the day but there's no increase in my pay.

I did try to ask but all i get was that i'm lucky to even have a job now that recession is coming which i think is quite true too.

Not that it helps with all the problems going on at home. I really feel like crying at times but i'm too tired to do it.

Haven't been sleeping well as well. I really need to learn how to relax but the problem is how to when troubles keep coming my way.

Not only that but …

Happy New Year 2009!!!

Last post for the year 2008.

My new resolution for year 2009 is to live my life to the fullest and my family to be happy together.

Forget the past and live happily for the beautiful future that is awaiting me.

May people who hurt me have an extremely lousy year.