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Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Birthday to my dear Mel Mel too!
Lol.. Happy Birthday Valentino! Kakaka..




My long leave is over and today is my 3rd day back at work.

My engine is still down. I'm still in holiday mood but there are so many things to do.

Everything is being thrown to me and whether i do it right or not i'll still get F for nothing.

Sighz... Life's like this i guess. Just gotta learn how to face it and adapt to all sort of changes.

Though i've settled whatever issues i have, i'm still feeling pretty insecure.

Afriad that whatever is precious to me will be gone 1 day no matter how much i treasure it.

I keep having this sinking feeling in my stomach because i have lost way too much things enough to make me paranoid.

It's gonna be a tough journey but i believe i can make it. Time will change everything. I'll still get the happiness i'm long awaiting for.

It's not easy but i still hope i can get the blessings of some people. This people can change my life tremendously and i definitely will appreciate it.

Haven't been sleeping enough during chinese …