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Latest updates!

I've finally started on the course that i've long awaited for. Trying to cope with work, studies and RCIA course now.

Not gonna be easy but i believe i can do it. I will have lesser time to blog le. In fact, i'm getting kinda lazy to blog nowadays.

I have what they call writer's block. Although there are many things on my mind but i just don't know what to write or how to put it in words.

Guess i lost my interest in blogging for the time being. Haha.. Lazy me..

Anyway, been seeing lots of surveyors outside nowadays. Getting difficult to avoid them. They are basically saturated everywhere i go.

What's wrong man? Insurance company closing down is it? Got the need to send financial advisors everywhere to canvass anot?

It really irritates the shit out of me when they try to stop me especially when i'm rushing for time. Totally hate it!

I have nothing against insurance agents la. I have friends who are agents and i do buy from them if i can afford.

Maybe it's becaus…

I know...

I should be updating my blog but i really haven't got the time.

I'm always brain dead when i'm home and the only thing i can think of is gaming which doesn't really require you to use alot of your brain cells.

Either that or i'm always outside catching the latest movie.

Nothing interesting has really been happening in my life anyway. Just work, work and work.

Apart from that, my life has been really great and i'm back to the happy person i am. I no longer feel miserable.

The only thing that upsets me is my work. My work life is a painful and stressful agony. Always on the verge of going crazy everyday.

The only way to destress is to play game and watch movie. I've been eating alot as well but just can't gain any weight. -_-!!

Sometimes i'm really amazed at how we humans are so strong. The way we can take all kind of shit going on in our lives.

Despite all the politics and unhappiness, we are always moving ahead in our lives, always looking forward to a beau…