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I will be strong...

Life has dealt me with many severe blows but yet, life goes on.

Yes. I do cry and feel weak but i know i have to move on. Life doesn't stop just there.

I will learn to stand on my own feet and be strong. I must be strong because there is no one here for me anymore except God and i think that is good enough.

Only He will never give up on me. Even people you trust most will eventually hurt you and just leave you alone when you need them the most.

Despite all the changes in my life, my relationship and work, i will prove to them that i can be strong and adapt to the changes.

There is no motive in my life anymore. I think i will manage to find one but for now, my goal is to do well in my studies so as not to disappoint myself.

I can only take a step at a time now. There is no point in planning for the future because the future always change.

There is no guarantee in anything. Things often change when you least expect it. I guess in this world, when there is no expectations, there will be no …