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Sibei Funny!!!

Got this from a friend's blog. Too funny not to share... =)

P.s: Think he dance better than Wonder Girls though.. =p

I'm still alive...

Dear friends, i'm not dead. I'm still alive la. Just that i've been too preoccupied to blog. So many things to do yet so little time.

Work has been frustrating especially when you are working with lazy, selfish, attitude problem people. Just cannot get peace of mind.

Many times i'm tempted to leave but i know i must carry on. Life doesn't just stop here. I will continue to meet many difficulties and i know i must overcome them so i can grow stronger.

Studies has been really tedious as well. Every 5 lessons there will be a quiz and the percentage you get in the quiz goes to your final exam as well.

Super stress ar!!!

Don't know how i even managed till now. The only consolation i get is getting attending RCIA and Church mass.

It's the only thing i do without feeling tired. Instead i feel stronger and more energetic. Drawing strength from God is indeed different.

I only wish i had more time to blog. It's been a long time since i poured out my feelings here. I mis…