Just a dream..

Last night i had a dream about you. In my dreams, we were so happy and so loving.

In my dreams, we were back to when we 1st met each other. Everything was so new and exciting.

In my dreams, we went back to East Coast Park where we spent a lovely and touching night.

The feelings we had for each other were so real and heart warming. You were always there for me.

You are always so gentle and caring towards me. You never left me when i needed you. Always fixing my broken heart.

You never once let go of my hand no matter how tough things were. You told me that you will always be here for me.

When i'm unhappy, you do your best to make me laugh. When i couldn't control and cry, you hug me tight in your arms.

Always giving me the assurance i need. Everytime we are together, you always put a smile on my face.

You created happy memories of us so i can forget about the past. You help me out during my darkest moments.

I truly believe that you were brought to me by our beloved God. An angel from the heaven to give the happiness i deserve.

I was so happy and contented when i was brought back to reality by my alarm clock. It was afterall just a dream.

You have left me behind.

Once again, the wound in my heart opened up. How do i let you know how much i miss you? How do i tell you what i went through just to get over you?

I tell myself to be contented that i once had such happy moments with you. I can only keep it in my heart where it is safe and replay it in my dreams where no one can ever take it away.

Thank you so much for once being with me giving me such happy memories.


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