Lucky or Unlucky?

Thursday was probably the most fearful day i had.

I dropped my handphone on the cab and it was that brand new handphone that i bought for less than a month.

It was upon reaching office that i realised it. I panicked and started calling my phone like a mad woman, tears nearly bursting out of my eyes.

I was damn lucky that the auntie driver picked up my call before i went bonkers.

She came back and return me my phone while i paid her $10 for travelling back. What's $10 compared to my new phone right?

Recently i never blog because i'm currently addicted to facebook's texas poker. Damn addictive game. Can't stop.

But i know i have to stop somehow. Exams are round the corner and i really gotta start studying. Can't afford to fail.

Work has been a whole lot of stress. Additional workload but no additional income.

Life sucks but what to do. That's life.. Bear with it. Find a rich husband and marry off. Lol.. Just joking.

Recently i've been wondering if SMRT is being stupid or Singaporeans are just pure asses.

They have to employ an old man wearing a t-shirt that says "Please Give Way." standing there every morning to remind the public.

We, Singaporeans are absolute numbskulls. Really have no idea what goes in this people's head. Is it so difficult to give way?

I know life is short, therefore must walk faster but not giving up seats to those who need it more than us are just pure dumb.

I know.. I'm a Singaporean too and a pure one at that too (some say i look like m'sian. what rubbish is that?) but i ain't such an arse. I know who are the needy ones.

For those inconsiderate people, i hope the same thing happens to you. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your crotch and may your arms be too short to scratch.


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