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Still so busy...

Exams are over but i still don't have much time to blog.

I'm always near dead when i'm home everyday. Just so freaking tired.

Nothing happening except that i'm waiting for my results to be out.

Apart from that, i'm actually counting down the days when my birthday comes.

Will anyone even remember it? All i know is that i will be working on that day.

I don't even know how i will celebrate it. No mood to celebrate at all.

What's so nice to celebrate when you are getting older?

I'm pretty much dreading the day coming actually. I'll be officially in my late twenties then.

No more mid twenties le. Boohoohoo...

Sighz.. Counting down to 9 more days when i become an old woman.

Baaahhhhhhh... I don't want la!!! Somebody help me please!!!