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In Memory Of Lawrence Tan Wei Meng

Recently, a very good friend of mine just passed away in an accident. His name is Lawrence Tan Wei Meng, Male, 28 this year. Birth date 07/11/1981.

His death was in the news. Apparently, some lorry driver did an illegal u-turn and thus crashing head on with my friend's van causing him to suffer serious injuries.

I've known him for 10 years. He was the last person i thought that would go off so young. He passed away on 10/12/2009. A day i will always remember.

I have not seen him for 3 years. Just a few days before his death, he msn me to ask me out. I told him to give me a call but i guess the call will never come anymore.

Till now i still can't believe that he is gone but i've already stopped crying because of what a friend told me. I shall list it out later.

Right now, i just wanna say what a good friend he had been to me. He had always been a cheerful and jovial person. Always giving a helping hand to others.

He was a fillial kid and did his best in everything. Nothing ev…