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Horrible traffic and youngsters!

Arghhhhh!!! I cannot take it anymore. Singapore is congested with too many cars! No matter how early I wake up to catch the bus, I will still be late because of the stupid jam!

Shouldn’t ‘they’ do something about it? Like create bus lanes everywhere so that commuters don’t have to be caught in the jam together with reckless drivers who get into unnecessary accidents every now and then causing massive traffic jam and inconvenience to others.

I hate taking MRTs because you will get sandwiched and there will be morons around who will tend to try and take advantage of you and aunties like to take trains and they are extremely rude and barbaric!

What makes me most angry are people not giving up seats to those who need it more than them and by saying that, I do not mean for me ok? Don’t be so judgmental.

This morning I got on the bus as usual and as I move further in, there is this elderly man in front of me. He was holding a suitcase and it looks kind of heavy or maybe he just doesn’t have the…

符致逸 - 真的, 我沒事 / Adrian Fu - I Will Be Fine

For Andrew my dear friend.. Jiayou!

So so so sorry..

Omg la! I busy until i totally forget to blog again.

Damn! Must remind myself to blog whenever i can.

Been really busy with work and RCIA. Suffering from mental stress till i'm getting insomnia lately.

Really feel very tired but just can't get to sleep. The worst part is that i'm beginning to hear voices lately at night when i'm going to sleep.

Went to see a doctor but all the doctor can do is to prescribe me sleeping pills but the pills suck. It doesn't help at all. It doesn't even make me feel drowsy.

I can't be depending on sleeping pills all the time as well. I really need a good sleep.

Will somebody out there pray for me please?

I will blog more when i'm not so tired.