Horrible traffic and youngsters!

Arghhhhh!!! I cannot take it anymore. Singapore is congested with too many cars! No matter how early I wake up to catch the bus, I will still be late because of the stupid jam!

Shouldn’t ‘they’ do something about it? Like create bus lanes everywhere so that commuters don’t have to be caught in the jam together with reckless drivers who get into unnecessary accidents every now and then causing massive traffic jam and inconvenience to others.

I hate taking MRTs because you will get sandwiched and there will be morons around who will tend to try and take advantage of you and aunties like to take trains and they are extremely rude and barbaric!

What makes me most angry are people not giving up seats to those who need it more than them and by saying that, I do not mean for me ok? Don’t be so judgmental.

This morning I got on the bus as usual and as I move further in, there is this elderly man in front of me. He was holding a suitcase and it looks kind of heavy or maybe he just doesn’t have the strength because he’s already so old.

He needs to bend down slowly to put the suitcase in between his legs so they don’t fall and slowly bend up again.

Just as he was back into straight normal standing position, the bus jerked and he almost fell. There was this young girl sitting right below him and he nearly knocked into her.
This young girl’s reaction was to just glance up looking irritated and went back to messaging and smiling to herself.

Wah! I really feel like slapping her. I was thinking to myself at that point of time. “Ya! Message your boyfriend and smile some more. Wait till he ditches you, you will be crying and regret not giving up your seat.

Yeah yeah! I know. What has got giving up the seat anything to do with her being ditched by her boyfriend even if she has one.

I digress.

Angry people tend to talk lots of nonsense because their mind is clouded with anger right? Agree?


Whatever.. I don’t really care.

Anyway, I was like staring at the girl without realizing it and finally she sensed it and looked at me. I had a conversation with her and it went like this:

Me: Eh.. Young girl.. You don’t know how to give up your seat to the elderly is it?

Young girl: ……………. (still staring at me)

Me: You handicapped huh? Or you don’t understand what I’m saying?

Young girl: ……………. (continues staring at me like I’m some kind of alien from outer space)

Me: Hello? (waves hand in her face)

Young girl: (pretend as though nothing happens and goes back into her stupid messaging and moronic smile)

Me: (burst into flames like this) --->

And felt like doing this to her. --->

I realize then that everyone in the bus was looking at us as though we are performing some kind of comedy.

Some looked amuse, some looked mildly horrified and some just awoke from their deep slumber looking as though they are sleeping beauties.

Yet, none bothered to give up their seats. Some were probably thinking. I said some but actually I think none but I would like to give them the benefit of doubt.

Some were probably thinking in their minds: “Ya! That’s right! Silly girl deserves it!” and then goes back to minding their own business without realizing that they are such assholes too.

The uncle looked at me with gratitude but otherwise said nothing else.

Why do I even bother? Arghhhhh.. I’m such a busybody! Why do I even let this idiots affect my life?

I swear I will never be a good Samaritan in my life anymore!

Sighz.. Say only la. I will never change. It’s just my character.

Maybe I should have used a different approach but I just simply cannot tolerate people like this who are so self-conceited and brainless.

Alright! I’m done with my blabbering and complaining with the shit I faced today.

It’s gonna be a long day tomorrow. A big big major event coming.

It’s time to sleep! Nitez everyone!


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