Love grouchy bus drivers..

Don't you simply love grouchy and bad tempered bus drivers that drives the morning peak hour bus?

That is if you are not the driver on the road la.

They shout at idiotic people who doesn't have a mind of their own to move further into the bus so others can get on.

They horn at every single car that refuse to give way or try to eat into their lanes.

I know it's irritating la but it sure feels good to be on time to work. My bus ride to work has never been faster.

In fact, i arrive earlier than expected. I still have time to buy breakfast wor. Too darn cool.

Kudos to the grouchy bus driver of Bus 963 travelling towards Harbourfront. Must write complimentary letter for you. =p

How i wish you are the one driving the bus i take every morning. Kekeke.


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