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Lost of loved ones is painful..

I know i haven't been blogging as often as i should be but i'm just too tired.

Recently, lots of things has happened. Even though love life is good but i'm so scared now. It seems as though people are slowly leaving me 1 by 1.

1st was the death of my dear friend Lawrence and now my only grandma from my father's side is gone.

Although i was there to see her breath her last but it's really heart breaking. It's even more heart breaking to see my dad upset.

He never got to see my grandma while she was in coma for the last time even though he did visit her while he was back and when she's still alert.

I went to fetch him early in the morning from the airport. He rushed back to see my grandma. I didn't know what to do as i couldn't control my tears as well.

My dad was walking towards the carpark when he suddenly choked on his own tears and started saying that he was an unfillial son.

I too burst out in tears. I don't know what i can do except to comfort him …


I finally got baptised on the day Jesus raise from his death. 03/04/2010 A day to remember.

It has a been a long awaited day since 1 year ago when I 1st joined RCIA.

Suddenly, it came and go. It felt a little unreal but in my heart, I know I am God's child forever.

When I went into the water, the feeling was hard to describe. I felt so good that I just wanted to shout out loud.

And when Brother Derrick baptised me by pushing my head into the water in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, I felt myself changing. All my sins in the past are gone.

Poor Brother Derrick nearly got punched by me when I came out of the water with my fist in the air shouting YES! Hahaha..

The old Sheila is dead and raised to life together with Jesus is a new Sheila who is determined to change all her bad habits.

I'm so happy now that I'm 1 step closer to God's big family.

Very excited about the life I will be leading in the future. God will have his plans for me.

Our Father In H…