Constipation sucks!

I don’t have to say much. The title tells it all.

Been feeling constipated since last Wednesday. The pain only came in the middle of Saturday night when i’m supposed to wake up early the next day like 8am?

Promised my brother to go gym with him and after that we going to East Coast for some roller blading.

But i never got to going to this 2 places. I was already tearing with pain and perspiring with cold sweat all over my head.

Was suffering like mad and waiting for time to pass for the clinic to be opened at 9am.

On the way to the clinic, my friend was laughing at me saying my stomach look like i’m 3 months pregnant.

I told him it was full of air and shit. Ask him if he want any of it and he kept his mouth shut.

When i got to the clinic, there is already a long queue of people waiting to register.

I’m like wth? Sunday still so many people? Omg la. I’m gonna faint le.

LL take number and wait lor. Lucky tummy not so pain already but who knows, we waited for like an hour plus yet still not my turn.

I went outside to take breather and suddenly, the pain came again. It was extremely excruciating.

I sat down on the stairs clutching to my stomach and started to cry.

My friend was so pissed by then and he went in to the clinic and started screwing the staff there asking if they can let me go 1st.

So paiseh la but in the end, they had no choice but to let me in 1st else we gonna wait for don’t know how long liao.

I had a total of 5 different types of medication. 4 edible and 1 non-edible.

You guessed it! The non-edible medication is for stuffing up my ass to soften the hard like stone stools de. (*shy*) =p

The medications are super duper horrible tasting. Yucks!

After the 1st round, i had to beg my friend not to let me have the 2nd round. Think i will vomit everything out.

I went to the toilet secretly and stuff the thing up my ass. I waited for awhile and the feeling came.

I let out hell lots of shit you can’t possibly imagine. LOL!

Still, not all is out and i’m having constant tummyache and farting most of the time.

Now, i’m more like having diarrhea than constipation.


The feeling is coming again. Gtg!


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