Frog leg porridge and desserts

I didn’t go for my interview today because i was too tired. Change it to tomorrow instead.

I swear never to step into Chinatown again but was being persuaded by my sister to go search for mahjong tiles there.

We had frog leg porridge at the famous porridge store in Chinatown.

I don’t know what i’m thinking or i’m still feeling groggy from too much sleep but i did something stupid.

My frog leg dropped on the floor and i actually picked it up with my chopstick, throw it back into my porridge and start eating it.

I know, i know. OMG! Ewwwwww…

Grace, Yvonne and Quan Khai were staring at me open-mouthed with shock.

All i could do was just look back at them and laugh like an idiot.

After that we went to look at mahjong tiles but didn’t buy any because too ex.

Then Yvonne said she wanted to treat us to desserts so we went to Bugis to have dessert.


This was the store we went to. I was dying to have my favourite peanut paste and peanut rice balls.

Buy, Yvonne came back informing me that they ran out of peanut paste le.

I was like utterly shocked and when i don’t get what i want i become very mean.

I was skeptical when she told me and i just blurted out loud.

Me: Wah lau eh! Now what time only? Run out? Cook 1 pot only ar? Don’t have don’t know how to cook again meh? Kaoz!

In the end, i had this:


Don’t know what Mango Sago shit thing with an ice cream in it.

Man.. Feeling so pissed and i’m still craving for peanut paste and peanut rice balls. I die die also must have it.

I’m not giving up so i went to the nearest dessert shop just across the street to see if they have it.

They do! So i ta pau 1 bowl back and here it is:



Yum yum! Not so nice actually after i have eaten it. Still prefer the store from Beach Road where all the army markets are.

The peanut is not so thick, just nice and soft and will really ooze out from the rice balls. The peanut paste is also superbly nice.

Really dying to have it again.


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