Just today, i receive a call to go for interview tomorrow. I don’t even remember when i actually applied for this job.

The thing is, the location is damn far. At Joo Chiat la! Crazy!!!

From Bukit Batok go there take how long man? The girl who called also funny.

She knows that i stay at Bukit Batok and she ask me if i can go for interview.

Of course i need to know where la correct? So i ask her for the address.

She told me the block number followed by Joo Chiat Road. I just woke up when she called so i was a little blur and shocked.

I was like, “Huh?” =p

Immediately she asked me if it is too far as Joo Chiat is near Geylang there le.

Nb! Of course far la. She asking stupid question.

Being the nice person i always am.

Ahem! I am ok? Don’t laugh and mock at me.

Anyway, i just agree to go. I told her i will be there. Go see see look look no harm right?

If they willing to offer the kind of ridiculous salary i’m asking for then maybe the distance is not such a big issue. Hehe..

But then again, with my current situation can i hold on to a full time job?

Sighz.. God Bless Me..


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