Some thoughts about my childhood

I remember when i was young and just entered primary school, there’s always the famous rumors about girl’s toilet being haunted right?

So stupid and naive me (back then ok??) believed it totally. Lol!

My mum at that time always used to take leave or she is not working i really can’t remember.

Anyway, she will always come to school during recess time to make sure i don’t get cheated of my allowance and of course fetch me after school.

So, there was once she came and after my recess i gotta go back to class. She told me she was going to the toilet before going back.

I immediately got worried and told her to be careful and told her about the stories i heard.

She told me not to worry and left.

Usually after school, she’ll be outside the school gates waiting for me.

But it was on this day that she decided to try to hide in a corner and see if i would how to go home on my own.

When i got out and i don’t see her, i waited for awhile as i thought she might be late but when she don’t appear after waiting for 5 mins, i was like my worst fears are confirmed.

I started bawling my head off in front of the school where many other parents and kids are looking at me.

Suddenly, my mum started to run out from the corner where she’s been hiding and when i saw her, i felt so relieved that i cried even more.

She came to me holding my arms and ask why am i crying?

In between my heavy sobs, i told her that i thought she was caught by the ghost in the girl’s toilet.

She laughed at what i just said and explained to me why she is hiding and then she brings me home.

It really does look funny when i think back about it. Kids those days are really naive. Kids this days. Hah! I don’t have to say much.

Sometimes i wonder what happened in between from then till now.

Ever since i learned how to talk back to my mum, our relationship has been going from bad to worst.

I miss those days when i was still a little kid and having my mum love and pamper me.

Even though we fight a lot, i still love my mum a hell lot. I know i would be extremely miserable if 1 day she is no longer here with me.

Treasure your loved ones while they are still around. =)

Does any of you have any funny childhood to share? Feel free to comment.


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