Disgusting guys

Warning! Extremely long post again.

Enough about mushy talks. I know you guys can’t take it anymore.

Today I wanna talk about 3 disgusting guys i have encountered during the last 3 years of my single life since i signed the separation papers.

Why? I seriously don’t understand why i always encounter stupid, irritating and disgusting guys all the time!

What did I do to deserve it? I know i am not very good looking, don’t really have a fantastic figure but i’m pretty smart and i think i deserve better!

Anyway, here goes (I’m not going to write their full names in case they read this):


1) G (Mr. Think-He-So-Damn-Fucking-Clever)

A guy i got to know in an online game. He thinks that everybody loves him and should worship him.

He really is an asshole. He asked me out one day saying that he has something to show me and that he guarantee i have never seen before.

At the end, it was just motor kites which sad to say, i have already seen the performance twice.

I guess i burst his bubbles and wasted my fucking time.

He offered to send me home and on the way, kept trying to persuade me to join his property team which i have no interest in at all.

After that, he got touchy and kept putting his hands on me and i eventually got irritated.

I told him nicely i wasn’t interested and i wanted to go home. He tried to kiss me and i almost punched him in his nose.

I pushed him away and told him i have no interest in him either.

He got pissed. He started spreading rumours in the game saying what a bitch i am blah blah blah…

Lucky for me, everyone knows what kind of person he is and nobody actually believes what he says.

The last i heard of him was that he found a new girl to harass and this girl was smart enough not to meet him which pissed him off to no end.


2) P (Mr. Egoistic)

Another guy i got to know in the online game. He is possibly the most egoistic guy i have ever met. Even all his friends have nothing nice to say about him. He likes to boast a lot about his so-called achievements and always think that he is always right.

I cannot stand this kind of guys. Nobody is perfect! If someone points out a mistake of yours, just accept it graciously. What is so difficult with that?

Is there really a need to start a debate that turns into an ugly fight to prove that you are always so god damn right?

He also needs materialistic stuffs to prove his own status. How insecure can a guy get? Buying a car that he can hardly afford just to prove he is an accountant?

Man.. 1 fine day, he will get killed by his own ego. I’m sure of that.

Ok. So here is the thing. When i got to know him, he was going through an extremely rough patch with his girlfriend of 5 years.

All i did was just encourage and told him not to give up. Maybe he just needs to have a heart to heart talk with his girlfriend on what their problems are.

Afterall, it’s not easy to be in a 5 years relationship and give up just like that.

And, as expected, he fell for me and his relationship with his girlfriend came to an end.

He said many bad things about his girlfriend which was the reason why he couldn’t take it anymore and thus he wanted to break off with her.

But i heard an entire different story from his friends who also know his girlfriend.

Eversince he confessed his love for me, he invited me to his house for dinner.

I decided to go because i love home cooked food and i wanted to see what kind of family he had.

When i walked into his room, i saw that there is still a photo of him and his so called ex girlfriend hanging on 1 of the cupboard.

What kind of guy tells a girl he likes her, brings her home and still hang a photo of him and his ex when he claimed he no longer love her and they have already broken up?

I think it’s pretty ridiculous. Anyway, after a few weeks he said he is still in the memory of his ex. I simply told him to fuck off. I’m not a substitute of her.

I think he’s pretty upset about it because after that he made my life very difficult and even told me to fuck off in front of all my friends in the game.

His childish and stupid way of getting revenge. It only shows what a lousy and petty man he is.

I’m glad we no longer contact. Good riddance!


3) A (Mr. Desperado)

Again, another guy i know in the online game. His name says it all. He is always thinking about sex.

He is highly possessive. I’m not even his girlfriend and yet he demands that i report to him about my every move.

When i don’t tell him a single thing, he gets angry and quarrels with me. Extremely idiotic.

Let me list down the number of things he would get angry over with me and start a quarrel.

  1. Not reporting to him on what i’m doing or where i am.
  2. Going out with friends.
  3. Going out for drinks.
  4. Talking to other guys whom are my good friends.
  5. Spending time with my family instead of him.

Actually many more but i can’t really remember anymore.

Now the issue is, who the fuck is he to control my life?

I’m not his girlfriend and even if i am, he has abso-fucking-lutely no right to control me and what i do.

He might as well buy a bird and lock it in a cage till it one day suffocate and die. He is mad!

Can you imagine that he actually ask me to go hotel with him? He really is fucking desperate.

He even came up with stories like he has a tumour in his brain and he gets very bad headaches at times and sex can actually help take the pain off temporary.

Really what the fuck lor. What does he think i am? 3 year old kid? How did he even survived before he met me? Fuck a hole in the tree? Do the same to get rid of the pain! Why should i help him? Absolute madness.

When i reject him, he ask me to send him naked photos of myself. He is ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY MAD!!!

I told him NO WAY!!! He got angry again and started bombing my sms with lots of nasty things.

This went on a while with me trying to tolerate his nonsense but my patience eventually wore out and i got really fucking pissed with him.

He even call me in the middle of the night to screw me up because of what happened in the game. For fuck’s sake! It’s just a game and he actually woke me up just for that? I don’t fucking believe it man!

I told him to FUCK OFF and NEVER EVER contact me again! He said i’m a slut, flirt around and sleep with other men blah blah blah…

I honestly don’t give a shit about it!

After that, he went around flirting with other girls in the game which he has never seen before and telling them he loves them.

He made use of my name saying how badly i treated him to gain sympathy from the girls and those girls are actually stupid enough to believe in him. How naive. I pity them really. Wait till they see his true colours.

Eventually one girl from Malaysia came and talk to me about him. She was one of those girls who initially believed in his nonsense and later found out it was not true. Woohoo! Justice back to me!

And guess what? She told me that the first time they met, he asked her to go hotel. Wahahahaha.. Fucking desperate.

I hope he gets leprosy and his dick drops off.


4) Z (Mr. Unfaithful)

Last guy i wanna talk about and nope. He is not someone i know from the game. I hear you say finally! Phew!

He is actually someone i got to know in Alps as well. I didn’t know what a faggort he is initially.

Was just enjoying playing darts and trying to build my relationship with sweetie.

Z always comes to Alps with his girlfriend, G whom i think is a really nice girl and i like her lots.

So we were just playing darts and having fun when Z came to talk to us. Telling us there are some other places that we can go play darts too and if he is going we can join so we exchanged numbers.

That night, Z messaged me.

The first thing he asked was if Shin or Kishi was my boyfriend. I told him no. None is my boyfriend but i was interested in my sweetie.

Immediately, he told me that neither one suits me. WTF?

I asked him why? He said don’t match. Both are not good looking.

He thinks he is so damn good looking. He is fucking uncle! I don’t even know what his girlfriend sees in him.

And since when does 2 person gotta look matching to be together? What’s with the looks issue? Damn fucking discriminating!

Subsequently, he sent me messages that goes hmmmmm.. I asked him what he wanna say and all he sent was hmmmm..

Hello! Want to say something just say it lah! Don’t waste my time looking at you type hmmmmm.. SUPER IRRITATING!!!

I took it that he was drunk so didn’t bother much about it. I’m nice i know. =p

Anyway, i told sweetie about what Z said and he laughed. He says that Z doesn’t even know us that well. Who is he to say we don’t match?

After that, Z tried to message me a few times but i didn’t really bother to reply.

I felt bad so there was once i replied and i fucking regret it.

I told him i missed going down to Alps as i was busy with work and sweetie ain’t around in Singapore.

Z said something irrelevant and totally disgusting. He said he missed me and if i wanted him. ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY DISGUSTING!

I told him he has a girlfriend and he should miss her and that i have no interest in him at all whatsoever and he should stop his nonsense before he piss me off.

After that, i heard stories about him. He shouts at his girlfriend all the time in front of everyone in Alps and make her cry.

What an asshole he is right? I don’t understand why is his girlfriend still staying with him? Plus i heard he is married!

She definitely deserves someone better than him! She is sweet looking and nice.

Love is blind. She is blinded by all the lies he told her.

If i’m her and my boyfriend shouts at me in public, i would slap him, kick his balls and leave him for good!

Till date, he has stopped harassing which is a good thing. If he ever dares to harass me again i swear i will teach him a lesson on behalf of his nice girlfriend.


Is anyone out there who is as unlucky as me and share the same experience? My heart goes out to you. Feel free to share though.

But not to worry, you will soon meet a guy who loves you for who you are and accepts everything about you.

I found mine. =)


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