2 months already

No no no! Don't get it wrong. I'm not 2 months pregnant. Just 2 months into the relationship with my beloved sweetie.

Happy 2 months sweetie! Love ya!

He recently just came back from a business trip. 1 week not seeing him nearly killed me. But somehow, i managed to survived.

Though i'm happy to see him, i'm not happy about the bad news he brought to me.

He will be traveling again end of this month, mid of November and during December too. Each time he is leaving me for more than a week meaning i will be crying myself to sleep every night till end of the year.

No doubt i feel sad over it but i still feel happy for him because that means business is getting good and so he is busy.

As his girlfriend, i guess i can only support him. Though i miss him lots but i want him to do well too. It's for our future.

Sweetie said that once he is earning lots of money, he can bring me for holidays even on business trip with him as well.

As Chinese have a saying, ć…ˆè‹ŠćŽç”œ meaning suffer now and enjoy later. I shall wait patiently for the day to come.

Sweetie must GANBATTE! JIAYOU!

Anyway, everytime he travels, he buys something back for me. As he knows i love Juicy Couture stuffs, he bought me stuffs from Juicy Couture!

What am i talking? Don't sound too right. Haha. But anyway, prezzies from sweetie:

A paper bag with surprises in it! It's a hugeass paper bag btw.

A matching Juicy wallet with my bag.

Juicy Couture Necklace

Juicy Couture Notebook

So sweet of him right? The moment i receive the wallet, i immediately transfer all my things into it and threw my LV wallet aside. Poor LV. Though cost much more but worthless in the presence of LOVE. Lol!

I put on the necklace immediately as well. But i don't know what to do with the notebook though. It's very cute and nice. I can't bear to open it up and use it. What should i do?

And guys, please leave a comment so i know you have been visiting my blog. Don't be invisible please. We can be friends! =)


  1. :) Nice! Actually I think he miss u lots too. Hence even he go overseas for business trip...he managed to get you something. So...u must learn to be more supportive ya.

  2. I dun wan presents.. I wan him by my side..

  3. Aiyo...if got choice sure he stay by your side lar. If he no work hard now...future HOW?

  4. He forever work work work. We don't even talk on the phone u know?

  5. 2 months?? here's to many many many more months to go for the two of you!! 2 months, 2 years, 2 decades and more!! haha

  6. @Hong Wei: I beginning to forget his looks le..

    @Eric: Haha.. Thx.. I wish u n Caroline everlasting love too.. =)

  7. AWWWWW that is so sweet! You really are lucky to have a girl like him. Don't worry, just bear it out. I know how it feels (trust me) but just remember to cherish him and how lucky you are =)


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