Angel Or Devil Or Both?

Recently read through some of my old post and this Backstreet Boys song Shape Of My Heart came to my mind. Just one particular sentence though.

Looking back on the things i've done. I was trying to be someone.

Who was i trying to be? I'm not sure.

I used to be so bad tempered and violent. Every single post was me complaining and screwing someone's ass real bad.

I don't do that nowadays and i'm honestly not sure why. Maybe no one was irritating me as badly as that silly guy used to or i have really changed my temper and tone down a lot.

I sincerely hope it's the latter as i think i really changed a lot over the years and trained my self-control pretty well but i know myself better. I lose control at times.

When i get angry, i can be very scary. I'm a sarcastic and vindictive bitch. Whoever that hurt me, i will go all out stopping at no expense to make sure they suffer the same fate or more.

I guess some things just don't change huh? Me trying to curb my temper don't mean i'm an easy target.

I hate people trying to take advantage of me. I am actually a very good natured person. I'm soft hearted and i never bear grudges.

I know it's hard to believe but you will know after knowing me long enough. =)

Nowadays, the kind of tantrum i throw are more targeted at my boyfriend so as to gain more attention from him. =p

But, he really has the tendency to make me unhappy. I'm accident prone. What is he? Storm/Typhoon prone?

When i burst, i'm like a typhoon. You get caught in it, you die. Lucky for him, he is smart enough not to get sucked into that typhoon and suffer a horrible death.

I guess that's all. Don't get into my wrong side. You never know what's gonna happen. As my friends always say when they are with me.

Always expect the unexpected from me. It's either you get a pleasant and funny surprise or a horrible death with you dying not knowing why.

Oh God! I think i have split personality. I can be such a sweet angel or evil devil. >.<


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