Cold and tired..

This morning i wish i could have slept in because the weather is nice for sleeping but i had to drag myself out of my bed and head to Toa Payoh HDB Hub for my 1st appointment.

I dun really enjoy the cold weather unless i'm in bed but recently the stupid weather has forced me to carry an umbrella out everywhere i go which i really hate it!

I hate carrying big umbrellas out as they are bulky and small umbrellas that most auntie carry. Damn disgusting.

I always forget to bring my umbrella home all the time which is really freaking irritating.

But since i have been forced, i have decided that if i must carry an umbrella out, i must carry a stylo one.


Okay. I know i being bo liao again. But the umbrella nice right? Cannot say not nice.

It's a cold and tiring day. I'm so tired. I'm gonna sleep early today because i sense fever coming my way.

Signing off~~


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