Family Day Out

Today is family day.

Went to West Mall for lunch with my parents. We ate at Mayim.

I had char siew noodles and soup.


After that, my sis and brother-in-law came to meet us and we went for movies.

Real Steel Intl Poster

An excellent movie. It was funny, exciting and touching. Hugh Jackman is really The Man in action pack movies.

I always love and admire him as Wolverine in X-Men.


Isn’t he like coolest guy on Earth or what? Good looking, muscular and tanned.

Anyway, Real Steel is a show not to be missed if you love robots, boxing, comedy and of cause if you love Hugh Jackman too.

It also consist of a very touching father and son relationship. Tears guarantee to well up in your eyes.

Ok. Enough spoilers about the movie.

And as usual. my bad habit. See something cute, hand itch then buy it.


Wahahahahaha.. Okay. I know i damn lame. Monday blues tomorrow. Time to sleep.

Nights all!


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