New Home!

Muahahahaha.. Yes! I finally shifted my whole blog to an entirely new address.

No more pesky people here. I can write freely once again!

Dear all, welcome to my new little piece of heaven where dreams come true. =p

I spent the whole night shifting all my things over. It was tiring but worth it.

Was feeling very happy but he had to burst my bubble by telling me he is going away for a business trip this weekend till next weekend.

Not that he ever spends time with me on weekends but it's so last minute and we haven't met for 4 days already.

And now he is leaving me in 1 more day. For a whole week. 2 weekends gone. Don't talk about what am i suppose to do the whole week but he doesn't even have time to spend with me before he leaves to fill up the emptiness of him when he is gone.

I feel like crying. Somebody take a knife and stab me now.


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