Noisy Blogs

I believe many of you guys out there probably encounter the same thing as me. Coming across blog sites that plays music.

I seriously can't stand blogs like this.

No offense to people out there who actually have blogs like this. It's just a personal opinion of mine because i have bad experience.

You know how sometimes we slack during work?

And yeah. What do we usually do while we are slacking? I believe most of us surf nets right? Facebook, Msn, Twitter, Blog Walking, Gaming, Porn(Kidding!) blah blah blah.. The list can go on forever.

So what happens that while we are blog walking and we come across such blogs that plays music or songs?

Please note that when i say blog walking, i meant visiting other people's blog that you have never been to before so we don't actually know what is in there right?

So imagine this senario:

Okay. This is not exactly the same as what i am talking about. I'm sorry but i'm unable to find the exact illustration. This is as close as i can get but you get what i mean.

So, the site suddenly gives off alert signal to ALL your colleagues and boss (assuming that your office is open concept) that you are slacking during work. Wtf? (-_-)||

By the time you shut down that window, you are already receiving weird stares all over and the next thing you know, you are being summoned to your boss office to receive a "reward".

This really sucks you know? What's worse is some blogs just have the same music playing on and on non-stop and there is no way you can turn it off.

I mean it's totally fine for those who just have the player thingy on your blog with song in it. I appreciate the kind thoughts that your blog might be boring and you wanna entertain your readers BUT can you guys don't put it to auto play?

I came to your blog to READ. Not to listen what songs you have on your blog. I have lots of nice songs on my laptop thank you very much.

Like i said, i mean no harm nor offense to anyone. Because i used to be 1 such idiot (>.<) who thinks that having a musical blog is so cool. (slaps self with a cucumber)

Apparently, i was wrong and i realized my mistakes. I have long removed those irritating crap off my blog so now it's safe to view my blog.

Don't have to worry about my blog reporting to your whole office that you are slacking.

And i'm sorry to those readers who got traumatized by my blog in the past. Actually, i'm not that sorry.

I started this post as noisy blogs but now it seems as though im encouraging people to slack. LOL!


  1. agreed...

    some of the bloggers love to abuse advert on their blog like putting a lot of advert...i can't even tell where is the main entries..le fu

    and, some like to use their custom cursor, its annoying since it will took a long time to load the whole page

  2. Haha.. Dun like that leh.. I also got adverts on my blog..

  3. small advert like that is acceptable...its annoying when it is too much + blinking advert + constatnt pop up!

    pening kepala wei!

  4. Hahaha.. True.. I agree.. I dun understand Malay.. Lol..

  5. They can put it on "Don't play on start up" and it won't play - but that's up to them.

    How about turning the sound off on your computer when 'slacking'?

  6. @Jason: That is what i did after that but sometimes i forget. Lol.. And the thing is even at home when i'm listening to music and blog walking, the music that suddenly pops up from the blog ain't pleasant. =(


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