Silly things we did as kids

Don't tell me you didn't do some silly stuff when you were kids. All of us did. It's just a matter of you remembering it or not. Maybe it's so horrible you don't wanna be reminded of it again.

So, recently my mum was admitted to the hospital for an operation. On the way there to visit her with my dad, we were talking about getting admitted in the hospital.

I think my mum can join the World Guinness Record for most number of times getting admitted into the hospital. She confirm can get into the book. Guarantee plus chop.

Anyway, that conversation reminded me of the one and only time i ever got admitted into the hospital. It was the most stupid thing i ever done.

I swallowed a twenty cent coin and it got stucked in my throat.

Okay. I can hear people saying What The Fuck? You think you piggy bank izzit?

Let me continue my story lah. As a kid, i have very weird habit of putting things into my mouth. No. I never put shit in my mouth in case you are wondering.

This happened when i was in Primary 2. I just returned home from school and was feeling damn bored. I found a twenty cent coin and just decide to put into my mouth and suck it.

It's all my mum's fault ok? She didn't allow me to buy sweets and so i had to find pleasure from sucking a twenty cent coin. Else, all this would have never happened.

After awhile, i was feeling tired and decided to lie down for a short while but i guess when i plopped onto my bed, the force was so big and sudden that i swallowed the coin immediately.

I have very small throat so the coin didn't go all the way down but got stucked in my throat instead. I can still feel the pain. Horrible.

I started to panic and first thing that came to my mind was to drink lots of water to push the coin down which i did but doesn't help.

I had a maid then. She asked me what happened and i simply told her i swallowed a coin. Hahaha. The look on her face was classic.

She immediately called my parents home. They rushed home and brought me to the hospital. Damn epic.

Okay. To cut the story short. I had to go through x-ray, eventually got the coin out, stay in the hospital for 3 days, relatives came to visit blah blah blah..

And guess what? My mum think it's so funny she decided to keep the coin and she never fail to bring it out to show it to my friends and shame me whenever they came over to my place.

Mum's fav possession for shaming me. Still packed nicely in the ziploc bag doc gave her.

I should start a wall of shame in my room and frame this coin up.

In case some of you are thinking that i'm just bullshiting about this whole story, take a closer look at the coin.

Click to enlarge

Look at the year! 1986 okay? 25 years ago hor. I swallowed this coin 20 years ago hor. (Oops! Did i just reveal my age?) Don't play play hor. I never bluff hor.

Okay. I know this is nothing to be proud of but have you ever swallowed a twenty cent coin before and admitted into the hospital because of that? No right? I win. Wahahahaha..

Anyone of you have such similar experience or done anything really silly when you are a kid? Do share! I love to hear stories.

Alright! This is the silly thing i do now as an adult. Sad to say, but we never outgrow our childhood no matter how old we are. Lol..

Be in awe and electrified by my huge ass sun glass and bow to me! LOL!


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