Teppanyaki and Johnny English

Went out today with my old secondary school friend, Hong Wei for dinner and movie.

We had a chat in twitter and i reminded him that he still owe me birthday dinner from a year ago so we decided to meet. So nice of him. Haha!

We met at Lot 1 in the afternoon as i asked him for help in some things i'm trying to put in my blog but can't find. He ended up learning other things from me instead.

Hong Wei, you owe me another meal. LOL!

Anyway, we had Sakae Teppanyaki. Was so hungry and delicious that we both forgot to take photos of the food. Sad..

After dinner, we went to watch Johnny English Reborn.

I guess i'm one of the few last people in Singapore to catch this movie. I was suppose to watch the movie with sweetie but he is too busy to catch a movie with me so i went to watch with Hong Wei instead.

This movie is really goddamn hilarious. It's even better than the first movie of Johnny English. We never stopped laughing since the beginning of the movie till the end. It's a MUST watch!

Sweetie will have to wait for the DVD to be out before he can watch it and i will watch it again with him. Too funny.

I gotta say Rowan Atkinson is talented. He doesn't even need to speak to make you laugh. Just looking at his face is enough to throw you off your chair.

How many people can do that? Not even Stephen Chow can do that i'm telling you. I'm still laughing while typing this out as i can't get the image of his look in the movie out of my mind.

After the movie, we were leaving and i walked past the Gift your name shop and can't resist but walk in to take a look.

Then as usual, i see something cute and bought it.

It's a lap tray, makeup pouch and tupperwares! Ain't they cute? I so love Disneyland and Mickey Mouse.

The lap tray is cool. As it's name shows, it's meant for you to put on your lap. You can use it to put your laptop on it while it's on your lap like what i'm doing now and the hot air from the laptop doesn't burn your legs. Cool!

You can also put your bowl on it and eat. Good for people like me who likes to eat while watching show on the sofa.

Beneath the tray, there's this bean bag attached to it so it's feels comfortable putting on your lap and not those hard poking feeling you get from most trays.

It's on offer now. Only SGD$8 when the usual price is SGD$16.90. Go get it! They have other designs other than just Mickey Mouse. There's Donald Ducks and Chip & Dale.

It was a nice evening out with Hong Wei. I pretty much enjoy myself while sweetie is out of town for business trip. I hate it when he goes for business trip and for such a long period of time.

Don't tell me a week is not long. You don't know anything. It's long for me. Tell me that it's not long after you experience someone you love is away from you for a long period of time.

I love him and therefore i miss him. It's human nature. It would be weird if i say i don't miss him at all but i do understand the need for it so i'm trying to be as understanding as i can.

I'm a nice and understanding girlfriend ok?

Anyway, i have been wondering why Hong Wei doesn't have a girlfriend for such a long period of time.

Since i got married till i got divorced and now meeting someone i love again, he has been single. So what the hell is wrong?

He is an extremely nice guy. Sweet and caring. I guarantee he is a good catch. He is still single and available so wait no more. Go get him!

Search for his link, go to his blog, talk to him and ask him out. A great chance not to be missed. I wish you all the best!


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