There are many definitions of the word butthurt. What does it exactly mean? You guys know?

Here are a few definitions i found on the web:
  • An inappropriately strong negative emotional response from a perceived personal insult. Characterized by strong feelings of shame. Frequently associated with a cessation of communication and overt hostility towards the "aggressor."
Adam got butthurt when Mike stole his bitch.

  • Getting your feelings hurt, being offended or getting all bent out of shape because of something petty or stupid.
Roney got butthurt when Drew did not help him clean Scat

  • A person who may be a whiny little bitch, sad, upset, or pissed off about an event or something that occured.
Dan Hogan was all butthurt after someone had drawn a penis on his car.

  • A. When a person gets overly offended for a non mean-spirited joke.
    B. The state of being offended because of a joke your friend made and not talking to him or her because of said joke.
Ryan and Lucas are working on a table, Lucas asks Ryan to do a simple task yet Ryan is incapable of doing it well, when Lucas tries to help Ryan and tells him that he is doing a poor job, Ryan gets butthurt and goes inside Lucas' house to sit on the couch by himself and fume.

  • (v) - The act of whining when someone hurts someone else's feelings, usually by taking strides to be excessively vocal about it, mainly in public.
Oh you are so wrong, like, oh my gawd. What the eff is wrong with you? Were you like, born somewhere else
or something? Seriously, like, who the fuck are you to come in here and be like that. Yeah. For Reals. Quit
being butthurt and take a chill pill.

My definition of butthurt:
  • Getting an injection on the ass at the doctor's when you are sick.
Wah lau eh! My butthurt la when the doctor poke the needle into my backside.


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