I've been feeling upset recently because i had to remove some posting of my lovely memories due to some privacy issues.

Because of this issue, i had my first ever major fight with sweetie and it lasted for 2 days.

I know it's not entirely his fault but i can't help feeling upset over it. I don't listen to him, blame him and refuse to talk to him nicely. I kept on crying and i almost decide to just delete my blog away.

But then again, why should i delete my blog away because of some people i don't even know or will never ever know in my whole life? It's ridiculous.

This is my blog. My space. My only frustration outlet. I have the freedom to write whatever i want. Why should i restrict and limit what i can or cannot write?

If you stumble across my blog and you enjoy reading my writings, i welcome you to stay. But if you are here to create problems please go away and stay out.

Do not come to my little piece of heaven and destroy whatever small happiness i have left in my life.

To respect his privacy, there will be no more posting of his photos up here. I hope you people are happy.


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