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Monster babies

Grrrrrrr.. This is gonna be a short post. It's getting harder and harder to blog nowadays with my nephew crying and screaming all day long.

Causing me to blog now at this unearthly hour. Okay. I know 20 mins past midnight is not exactly unearthly but i gotta type as fast as i can before the little monster wakes up.

Initially, it was pretty fun having him at home but it's becoming very tedious and tiring. My sister look so tired and so i do my best to help her in every aspect except breast feeding because obviously, i have no milk.

But lucky for her, CK her husband has been very supportive of her. I wish my future husband would do the same too or i may just carry my kid and jump off the building. (Just kidding!)

He is still an adorable sweet little angel when he is asleep. Crying monster when he is awake. Good lord! Save our souls.

Taking care of babies is more tiring than working. Salute to all nannies out there. I wonder how my nanny handled me in the past. I had 2 nannies i heard…

It's a boy! And other random stuff like braces.

I'm so sorry for the lack of updates. Been really busy recently.

My sister gave birth to a cute baby boy! Hell yeah! That's what i was busy with. Playing with my little nephew. Promotion to auntiehood.

I'm sure many of you can't wait to see his cute photos. Hehe.

I don't care if you don't wanna see it. I'm still going to post it up. =)

My baby nephew, Dylan!

Okay. I am actually posting this photos up without my sister's consent. I hope she doesn't see this. I don't think my nephew mind. Not now at least. =p But honestly, how many times in your life do you take photos of your naked body right? I Unless you are a porn star. o_O

Mother and son

Daddy carrying his son for the first time. Looks like he is the 1 breast feeding. So stiff. Haha.

Family photo



Grand Auntie



Lying comfortably against my breast. Oops! Did i just say that out loud?

Opening his eyes for the 1st time

Dylan: You see what see?

Dylan: Yawning

Dylan: Peeking