It's a boy! And other random stuff like braces.

I'm so sorry for the lack of updates. Been really busy recently.

My sister gave birth to a cute baby boy! Hell yeah! That's what i was busy with. Playing with my little nephew. Promotion to auntiehood.

I'm sure many of you can't wait to see his cute photos. Hehe.

I don't care if you don't wanna see it. I'm still going to post it up. =)

My baby nephew, Dylan!

Okay. I am actually posting this photos up without my sister's consent. I hope she doesn't see this. I don't think my nephew mind. Not now at least. =p But honestly, how many times in your life do you take photos of your naked body right? I Unless you are a porn star. o_O

Mother and son

Daddy carrying his son for the first time. Looks like he is the 1 breast feeding. So stiff. Haha.

Family photo



Grand Auntie



Lying comfortably against my breast. Oops! Did i just say that out loud?

Opening his eyes for the 1st time

Dylan: You see what see?

Dylan: Yawning

Dylan: Peeking

Dylan: Who the hell are you?

Dylan: Don't disturb me. I want to sleep.

Okay. That's enough of delicious baby goodness. So yeah. I kinda spent my Halloween watching this little angel instead of people in scary mask. Or so we thought.

He is actually a small terror, monster, devil or whatever you call it. He is an extremely grouchy baby. Frowns all the time. Wakes up in the night when everyone is sleeping. He farted and pooped while i was carrying him on the 2nd day he was born.

He pee and pooped on my mum and his daddy while they were changing his diapers for him. I guess i got off quite easily. But despite all that, we still love him. He is still an angel. When he is asleep that is. Lol!

I can't wait to see him grow up. He is definitely going to be a splendid handsome young man. I can imagine that.

Alright. Back to me, recently went to do braces. Lucky for me, i don't have to extract any tooth. The process is not painful but the aftermath hurts. =(

When it starts pulling, all my teeth become so sensitive and i can't eat a single shit. Good though cause i wanna lose weight and i hope i do.

I gotta brush my teeth like what, 5 times a day after every meal? So even though it doesn't hurt that much now, i refuse to eat because i lazy to keep brushing my teeth. Bleah. =p

I sound really funny now though because i can't speak properly with braces on. Don't you dare laugh at me! I hope all this is worth the effort. Afterall, no pain no gain.

I contemplated for a very long time if i should put the before and after braces photo up for all to see.

Lucky for you guys, i have decided not to post it up to traumatize anyone of u because my teeth are really disgusting.

I will post up photos when my teeth are straight and nice. That will be like err.. 1 and a half year later?

Stay tune till then!


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