Beauties and Beasts

This post is to introduce a great bunch of friends i got to know through my sister and I would like to say that I'm very happy I got to know them.

And yes. That's what we call ourselves. Beauties and Beasts. Obviously, beauties meant the girls (a little thick skin but who cares?) and beast, the guys (very cruel but who cares?). Wahahahaha!

They are really great and nice people. Without further ado, I hereby present:

Beauties and Beasts!

Front row from left: Grace (my sis), Alfred (Queen's son), Queen, Eelynn, Christine, My mum and me.
Back row from left: Sean (my bro), Chuen Khai (My bro-in-law), Deryk, King (Queen's hubby) and my dad.

And yes. The little one you see in the photo that looks oddly out of place is my most beloved nephew Dylan! This photo was taken in 2011's Christmas.

It was after we took the photo and posted it up on Facebook that we realized we miss out Dylan and so, Eelynn was nice enough to photoshop him in. Doesn't he look absolutely adorable?

Don't we look like a big happy family? Lol.. It looks as though my parents had many children and 2 grandsons.

Sorry that the photo look a little blur because it was pretty small and i tried to enlarge it. But I guess it will do.

There is 1 more beauty but she wasn't at my place during Christmas but here's another photo with her in it.


Top: Me, Velvenie and Queen
Bottom: Eelynn and Grace


King, Alfred, Deryk, Chuen Khai carrying Dylan and Dean (Vel's hubby)

This was taken during Chinese New Year. We met up at a coffeeshop opposite Queen's place for Lou Hei.

The girls are like sisters and the guys are like brothers. You can always count on them if you need any help or advice.

The girls are my support this days since sweetie doesn't have time for me which is really sad.

Anyway, I really feel glad I got to know them thanks to my sis. I hope our friendship will last forever.

You gals are great! I love every single one of you!


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