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Okay. I believe the above title has made it very clear. Yes. I'm having a baby girl. =)

Was feeling lazy to blog until a friend ask me why have I not updated my blog for such a long time. I'm sorry for my laziness.

I am practically lazing around this days waiting for my little princess to be out because no company wanna hire a pregnant woman.

Being pregnant is so tiring. So much sacrifice you have to make for your little one. But every pregnancy is different. Mine is probably bad but not the worse.

I'm having rashes all over my back and it's spreading to the front. Can't help not scratching it no matter what others say about scars.

I'm beginning to walk like a penguin and sleeping is so tough not being in the right position. But, I still believe everything is gonna be worth it.

I pray that my little girl will be healthy, smart and filial.

She is beginning to kick really hard this days and it seems like she doesn't need sleep. I feel her kicks like 24/7. It&…