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Love of my life

I seriously have no time to blog ever since the birth of my girl. It's not easy being a mom and not to mention being a single mom.

But I still think everything is worth it everytime I look at my girl. She is the sweetest living thing I have ever seen in my life.

She melts my heart with her every smile and laughter. She has come to be the meaning in my life and I love her so.

To be honest, she is not easy to take care of. She throws tantrum all the time and cries a lot. Nothing you do to distract her can help. She simply screams at the top of her voice. But, I still love her from the bottom of my heart.

She is now already 3 months old. Time flies by so fast. I have to go work soon. Sometimes i fear that she will grow so fast and I will miss her growing progress while at work.

How I wish I can stay with her 24/7 but I know I need to work to feed her. Her growth and future depends on my income.

She is learning to talk nowadays and it's so cute. After my nephew, she is the next person…