What's past is past

Am contemplating to start an entirely new blog but thinking of all the tedious work to go through like having to choose a new template, redo the links and fashioning the blog to my liking, I gave up. Yes. You are right. I'm that lazy.

Reason why I wanted to start a new blog is because I wanted a fresh start without all my past entries. I know I can simply delete all my past entries easily but that would mean all my past efforts would have gone to waste.

I seriously wonder if I'm actually ashamed of my past. I shouldn't be. Who doesn't have a past? I guess I'm more ashamed of the way I wrote back then. I know I damn bo liao la but I actually went and re-read all my past entries beginning from the very first I wrote.

I sounded awful and childish! I cringed reading every word I ever wrote. How can I be such an idiot? Feel like facepalming myself. =(

Oh well, who hasn't been young and childish before? Therefore, I have decided that all post shall remain as a lesson learnt, reminding myself never to write like this again.

Will update soon on another post on how current square minded bf and I started. Ciaos!


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