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Haze haze go away..

I know I'm way long overdue on my post of how it all started with me and square minded bf. All I had was some stupid erotic sex story that popped out of my mind from nowhere. Pardon me. I had been very busy. Busy listening to a fucking mad dog barking every morning threatening to bite on everyone's ass if they don't lick his hairy stinking balls. I really had enough of all this shit. I lack motivation working for assholes like him. Even the sales admin who doesn't have to get scolded by him feels low moral just listening to him. Imagine how we front line warriors feel. Seriously, I have better things to worry about. We are humans and not his slaves. We are also given birth by a mother. It simply does not give him the right nor justify what he does to us. Pure mental torture. Dragging ourselves to work every morning knowing what is to come. Fearing that you will the one bitten by him that day. What a fucking nice way to start our day huh? I'm not a sadist who looks …

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!


Queen of funny poses!

My little vain pot is here again with her weird and funny poses.

A cousin of mine said I should send her to a modeling agency and let her be a model since she likes taking photo and posing so much. I'm contemplating to do so. It might be start of her career towards stardom. I can also be a 星妈。Woohoo!
What do you guys think? Good idea? If so, any recommendations on which agency to go to? I don't wanna fork out any money though for any courses until it is confirmed that her career as a model is stable.