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Naomi turns 3

Naomi's birthday is finally over. It did not went as smoothly as I thought it will but thank God it wasn't so bad.

Was initially worried that the haze may affect the BBQ that I organized downstairs the house. But I was worried for nothing. Because it FREAKING RAINED the whole evening! Grrrrrrr..

All the charcoal and wire mesh I bought went to waste. The money used to book the pit also gone down the drain. Had to invite everyone up to my place instead and cook the food like Otah, Satay and Chicken wing in the oven and on the pan.

Luckily, everyone was understanding enough on the situation but I felt really bad partly because I had no time to entertain anyone at all. It was so screwed up. Why did it have to happen on Naomi's birthday?

Thanks to my family and the domestic helper who helped out in cooking the food for all my guest. I felt so blessed. Thank you guys for lending a helping hand when in need. I love all of you! Muacks!

Overall, it ended on a happier note I hope. T…

Naomi's advance birthday celebration in school

Had a mini celebration for Naomi at her childcare today.

More celebrations for her on her actual day tomorrow. Tired..

Busy Busy Busy!

Will be pretty busy this whole week therefore won't be blogging much. So little time yet so much to do.

Naomi's 3rd birthday is slowly creeping nearer. Damn! She grows too fast. I'm getting so old.

Will blog after her birthday is over. So long guys!

Yay! New laptop!

I have been surviving without a laptop/CPU for a long time ever since my beloved black Samsung laptop died on me like 3 years ago right after Naomi came into the world seemingly to know that I won't have much time to use it (Actually, she was the 1 who destroyed my laptop by constantly happily smashing my laptop keyboard with her tiny hands back then. She is a destroyer). >.<

R.I.P Samsung Lappy

You have served me well.
Only recently I started using company laptop to do my stuff like blogging and surfing net which is extremely inconvenient because I have to carry it up and down work.
Therefore, SMBF decided to get me a new laptop! Yay! Just kidding. He not so nice to buy for me. He merely borrowed me his credit card so I can pay off using installment.
But, he promised to get me a Sony waterproof camera for Christmas this year. Right dear? Right? Say right or else... *Cackles an evil laughter*
Anyway, let us welcome my new member!

Welcome Brand New Red Lenovo Lappy!

I so so so…


I wrote this post quite some time back but didn't quite finish it cause I'm really busy with work. Who am I kidding? I'm just plain lazy lah. So now I'm here to finish it.
Warning: Pretty long post.
Before I start, let's have some digression here:
Mad dog hasn't been barking recently which is probably because my heroic senior sales manager told him off in front of our wimpy MD. This Japanese old fool is another useless good for nothing.
Anyway, I think mad dog has been warned not to do that anymore.
His reason for doing so was that if he didn't do it, our numbers won't go up. I say that's total bullshit! Always put people down. 不把人当人看!My manager simply said that now numbers also never go up what? Which is quite true because of the lack of motivation after getting barked at every morning. So now he shuts his trap. How long will that last I'm not sure.
Alright! Back to the topic on hand. I initially titled this post horny guys but after some tho…

Car service marketing strategy

Saw this on my car in the morning.

Gotta admit. It's a pretty good marketing strategy. You caught my attention. No doubt about that. But sorry. I will still not use your service. Simply because I'm a cheapo.



Try this out!

Muahahahahahaha.. I'm so bo liao..

In shock!

When I 1st posted my story on how it all started, it wasn't my intention to share this story with all my friends but silly me forgot that NetworkedBlogs will do auto publishing for me in Facebook. I did not expect such overwhelming response to that particular post. I'm screwed. =(

Now that most of my friends know I own a blog I can no longer badmouth people here. Wahahahaha.. Not that I do that and thank goodness I didn't do that previously here either. Phew!

Okay la! Not so bad la. I only scold people I don't like. My friends are all fantastic people ya? Support me okay? If you like my writings then do stay on and visit often.

Anyway, I'm well known for being mean and direct la. A bitch will always be a bitch. Muahahahahaha!

If I ever do write anything that seems offensive or offended you, pardon me. I was merely writing what I felt at that moment. No harm was intended to anyone at any point of time. If I need to start putting a disclaimer on everything I write, I…

How it all started (Real life version)

Okay! I have been dragging this long enough. It's time to start writing as promised even though I have no laptop of my own. Am using company laptop to write this.

It all started on a beautiful Monday morning 13th April 2015. It's the day I started working at my current company Kyocera as a Corporate Account Manager selling multi-function copier machines.

SMBF is seated next to me on my left. His 1st question to me was "Are you previously from the same trade?" I told him no. Was gonna go into my past working experiences when we had to start the stupid Chorei (Japanese culture to start the day with exercises). We stop at that.

For my 1st week at work, I had to stay in the office and learn all the functions a copier has in the showroom. I had loads of question and I decided to ask him because he seems to know more since he has been in this trade longer as compared to the other colleague.

Subsequently, our sales manager Terence started to disturb me and him. Yeah. What m…