How it all started (Real life version)

Okay! I have been dragging this long enough. It's time to start writing as promised even though I have no laptop of my own. Am using company laptop to write this.

It all started on a beautiful Monday morning 13th April 2015. It's the day I started working at my current company Kyocera as a Corporate Account Manager selling multi-function copier machines.

SMBF is seated next to me on my left. His 1st question to me was "Are you previously from the same trade?" I told him no. Was gonna go into my past working experiences when we had to start the stupid Chorei (Japanese culture to start the day with exercises). We stop at that.

For my 1st week at work, I had to stay in the office and learn all the functions a copier has in the showroom. I had loads of question and I decided to ask him because he seems to know more since he has been in this trade longer as compared to the other colleague.

Subsequently, our sales manager Terence started to disturb me and him. Yeah. What meant as a funny joke turned real. I wasn't really that interested in him back then. I find him too boring for me and I wasn't really that into having a serious relationship because I wouldn't be sure if any guy would love me and Naomi wholeheartedly.

I remember telling him in front of my sales manager that I wasn't interested in him just to make my sales manager shut up. I told him no offence but he really isn't my cup of tea. Now I have to eat my own words and give myself a slap on my own face. (-_-)||

Not long after, our senior sales manager Francis who is like a brother to SMBF because they used to work together a long time ago asked me if I have any girls to intro to SMBF.

He said he is worried about him because he is still single and probably still can't get over his past failed relationship. He wants him to move on and settle down soon if possible as SMBF is not young anymore.

I told him I would help keep a lookout but currently have no girlfriends available that I think would suit him. We left at that but who knows. An eligible lady soon appears. Not me la. Kaoz!

We had a sales admin working with us back then. Her name is Sherry. She is slightly younger than me and SMBF and most importantly, she is still single!

I had a discussion with Francis and we both agreed that she is the best choice! They are both single and almost similar personalities. I then started plotting and launched a series of activities for both of them.

1st, we went for dinner together with Terence in the name of farewell party as Sherry was leaving the company soon.

Subsequently, we had an impromptu trip to Batam. I tried very hard to convince Sherry to join the team and she eventually agreed.

After we came back, we thought things are going on fine as SMBF is frequently sending her back after work. I carried on arranging for outings with me and Naomi joining in as I'm worried they might feel awkward going out alone on dates.

Little did I know that SMBF has started developing feelings for me because we spend a lot more time together as colleagues going for appointments and talking nonsense through Whatsapp after work.

Sherry left the company shortly after that and it was pretty tough to follow up on them. I left it to SMBF to take more initiative but I constantly check in on him to see if he made any advances but I wouldn't know if he was lying.

Well.. As time goes by, the more time we spent together, the more I got to know him. Naturally, I started to have feelings for him because in my opinion, he is really a nice guy and he is not as boring as I thought he is.

Terence went back to disturbing us again because he felt that we are compatible and SMBF is way too nice to me. He literally went all out for me in many aspects. That was probably why I started to have feelings for him too.

But, I refuse to admit it. I refuse to face my feelings for him because I sincerely wanted him to be with Sherry. It didn't seem nice to appear out of nowhere and snatch him away ya? I didn't believe in love nor believe that any guy would be able to accept my status as a single mom. I didn't want to give myself a slap in the face too for saying stuff previously like will never like him or I don't approve of office relationships.

I got annoyed by the constant disturbance from Terence and complained to SMBF. It was on 13th June 2015 a Saturday night. That was when he decided to confess his feelings for me.

I was in total shock and happiness. I didn't know what to say. I told him my concerns and I needed time. I am not able to accept him straight away. He said he totally understand it. It appears that Sherry wasn't interested in him at all so she was the least of our concerns.

Subsequently, we went for our 1st date on 15th June 2015. Jurassic World movie at the nearest Cathay cinema to my place. He is a cheeky fellow. He held my hands for the 1st time halfway through the movie. It made my heart pumped faster and I blushed. Thank God it's dark in the cinema.

We still didn't get together because I was still unsure. Anyway, he made a lot of effort using actions to convince me that he is serious about me. He loves Naomi very much too and he is not another guy who is just passing through in my life. He is here to stay. I just need to give him and myself a chance.

I took time to think things through while he went to Genting with his friends 1 weekend. I probably wouldn't get another chance like this again in my life. Here is 1 guy who don't mind my past. Willing to accept everything about me. He can jolly well find a girl who is young and single to be his girlfriend. He didn't need to settle for a single mom. I decided then to give myself another chance in life to be loved and pampered. I have nothing to lose anyway. The most another heartbreak.

I waited till he was back from his trip and we finally got together on 24th June 2015.

This is the 1st photo we took together. It's dark I know but it still looks nice. Nobody cares what you think of it. I like it and that's final.

Till date, we have been together for almost coming to 4 months. Things are going on fine. There have been some minor and major quarrels but it's normal in a relationship. There are plans for marriage but not so soon. Not until he kneels down in front of my family and friends and pop the question properly. Muahahahahahaha! I'm evil. I love you dear so prepare a romantic proposal and make me tear ya? =P


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