In shock!

When I 1st posted my story on how it all started, it wasn't my intention to share this story with all my friends but silly me forgot that NetworkedBlogs will do auto publishing for me in Facebook. I did not expect such overwhelming response to that particular post. I'm screwed. =(

Now that most of my friends know I own a blog I can no longer badmouth people here. Wahahahaha.. Not that I do that and thank goodness I didn't do that previously here either. Phew!

Okay la! Not so bad la. I only scold people I don't like. My friends are all fantastic people ya? Support me okay? If you like my writings then do stay on and visit often.

Anyway, I'm well known for being mean and direct la. A bitch will always be a bitch. Muahahahahaha!

If I ever do write anything that seems offensive or offended you, pardon me. I was merely writing what I felt at that moment. No harm was intended to anyone at any point of time. If I need to start putting a disclaimer on everything I write, I feel sick about that.

For the benefit of everyone who read my previous post and not understanding what SMBF is or why I call him that, it is actually short for square minded boyfriend. *snigger snigger* Say I'm bad for all you want. His mind is really square.

To prove my point, you will have meet him for yourself to experience the squareness. I guarantee you will feel happiness coursing through your veins till blood is spurting out from all your internal organs which will eventually arrive at your mouth, eyes, ears and whatever available holes you may have. You die a much happier person. Hohoho!

Sarcasm is my middle name though Isabelle is also my middle name. Whatever. If you don't understand sarcasm then go away please. People who understand and enjoy sarcasm, I love you lots. We make the world a much better place.

Jokes aside. I have received many positive remarks encouraging and supporting my relationship with SMBF. So having that post known wasn't so bad. Thank you very much guys! Thank you for feeling happy for me. I am happy too to have friends who are always there for me and supporting me through my happy and unhappy days. We may not meet often but deep in our hearts, we know we always have one another. You know who you are. *wink*

On another side note, I recently just created another blog for Naomi. Purely just a blog for pictures of her. You can find the blog here. If you guys know anyone who is looking for kid's model, kindly share that link with them. Who knows Naomi might become a child star someday ya?

Will find time to update my blog again. Thanks once again to those who visited. =)



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