Naomi turns 3

Naomi's birthday is finally over. It did not went as smoothly as I thought it will but thank God it wasn't so bad.

Was initially worried that the haze may affect the BBQ that I organized downstairs the house. But I was worried for nothing. Because it FREAKING RAINED the whole evening! Grrrrrrr..

All the charcoal and wire mesh I bought went to waste. The money used to book the pit also gone down the drain. Had to invite everyone up to my place instead and cook the food like Otah, Satay and Chicken wing in the oven and on the pan.

Luckily, everyone was understanding enough on the situation but I felt really bad partly because I had no time to entertain anyone at all. It was so screwed up. Why did it have to happen on Naomi's birthday?

Thanks to my family and the domestic helper who helped out in cooking the food for all my guest. I felt so blessed. Thank you guys for lending a helping hand when in need. I love all of you! Muacks!

Overall, it ended on a happier note I hope. Thanks to everyone who attended. Thanks for all the presents and red packets. Naomi is really pleased with all the toys and clothes received.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my Princess Naomi!


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