Yay! New laptop!

I have been surviving without a laptop/CPU for a long time ever since my beloved black Samsung laptop died on me like 3 years ago right after Naomi came into the world seemingly to know that I won't have much time to use it (Actually, she was the 1 who destroyed my laptop by constantly happily smashing my laptop keyboard with her tiny hands back then. She is a destroyer). >.<

R.I.P Samsung Lappy

You have served me well.

Only recently I started using company laptop to do my stuff like blogging and surfing net which is extremely inconvenient because I have to carry it up and down work.

Therefore, SMBF decided to get me a new laptop! Yay! Just kidding. He not so nice to buy for me. He merely borrowed me his credit card so I can pay off using installment.

But, he promised to get me a Sony waterproof camera for Christmas this year. Right dear? Right? Say right or else... *Cackles an evil laughter*

Anyway, let us welcome my new member!

Welcome Brand New Red Lenovo Lappy!

I so so so love my new laptop.

With a personal laptop now means more blogging! Yippee! Hip hip hooray! I know I can jolly well blog from my phone but it just doesn't feel the same as typing from a keyboard. Yeah! I'm a keyboard warrior (Not those cowardly type of cause).  Muahahahahaha!

Thank you dear! Without you, I wouldn't have been able to buy it. Love ya!


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