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I hate my job!

Yes. You read that right. I totally hate my current new job. I'm not gonna name the company I'm working for as it's far too obvious and someone inside may find out that I bad mouthed the company from google search.

Yes. The company is well-known by many and I love buying from their website. Oops! I think you roughly know which company I'm talking about but their system totally sucks. They might have offered me a good basic and have good benefits but money is not everything.

Not to mention having to work long hours for an office job. 9am to 7pm leh. Whoever heard of a sales job with no commission? Even my customer don't believe I'm not getting paid commission for the accounts I bring in. And how can a company not provide training for new staff?

They expect me to know everything just because I have experience in sales? A good salesperson will fail badly in their job too if they do not know their products well! Smoking our way out does not work every single time!

New Header!

Was so sick of my blog picture so I decided to make some changes. Can't change the blog skin though. It's the nicest among the rest.

So now I have a new header photo! Thanks to Hong Wei for helping me put the photos together!

I'm loving it!

Will be blogging soon about some work related stuff. Can't keep it in me anymore.

Oh oh! SMBF's wallet finally came!

La ta ta dah dah!
Nice a not?
I went crazy and ordered a Kate Spade wallet for myself too. Damn! I'm crazy over Kate Spade stuff recently. Need to stop this trigger happy roll I am on before I go broke and purchase more than I can earn.

Outing and Dinner at SMBF Auntie's House

Went out for a walk today with SMBF and Naomi at Orchard to look at Christmas decorations. Naomi got so excited with all the Christmas decorations.
We went to Pacific Plaza and saw a nice looking Christmas tree so we decided to go in and let Naomi take a photo.
While we were taking photos for her, an ang moh lady came over and ask if she can take a photo of Naomi too with the Christmas tree.
She said she is from France and she wanna take a photo back for her family to see. She also said Naomi is adorable therefore she wanna take a photo of her too so I said okay. =)

My adorable little angel
I also took photo with Naomi as she requested it but I look like a bloody pig in it! My goodness! Therefore, I refuse to put up the photo.
It's time for me to lose weight. I absolutely abhor how I look now. I've been gaining weight like crazy ever since I got together with SMBF.
I'm not blaming him but when 2 persons are together, they feel happy and tend to eat more. SMBF is a rather b…

New camera and random new stuffs

Finally have time to blog. Am so tired everyday after work that the only thing I wanna do when I reach home is take a bath and sleep.

I'm so happy! Dear finally bought me a camera as advanced Christmas present! Yay! 3 cheers for SMBF!!!

Tadah! Isn't it a beauty?
Lots of nice photos in the future! Not that my Note Edge can't take nice photos but it's just taking up too much space and causing my phone to be really laggy.
Recently went crazy and went on a shopping spree. Bought a Sony MP3 and a Kate Spade handbag shipped in from US but I super love the items I have now.

Chiang chiang! Occasionally pamper myself.
I'm not a selfish person though. SMBF's birthday is coming so I bought him a belt for his birthday. I also bought a Alpine Swiss Wallet for him as Christmas present but it has yet to arrive from US.
Goldlion buckle belt for SMBF!
It may not be anything expensive but it's the thought that counts right?
Okay. More blogging when I'm free.

Happy Weekends!

It's finally end of the week. Let us welcome the weekend joyously. It's gonna be wonderful.

Hope the following will brighten up your day as it did mine.

Waiting for Friday ......

Here it comes .........

Here it comes .........

Wooow Today is Friday!!

Happy Holiday ………

Toddler Rules!

Hahaha,, This is too funny! Reminds me a lot of Naomi especially Rule 1 and 7!
Toddler Rules
Toddlers don't come with an instruction manual so we collaborated with Munchkin and came up with a helpful list of toddler rules for you all. Enjoy!
Posted by Story of This Life on Wednesday, 18 November 2015


I am feeling so tired everyday. Wanna blog about the new camera SMBF bought for me but can't seem to have enough energy for it.

Ending work at 7pm everyday then going home from the East to the West is super tedious. I'm always feeling sleepy right after bath.

I wonder if I made the right decision. But what's done cannot be undone. Just bear with it and hope I see some light soon.

1st day of work

Today was the start of my new job. Everything was pretty fine.
HR is a very nice and helpful guy. My group leader is also a nice guy. Made friends with 2 female colleagues in my team.
Don't really know the rest of the people though introduction was made. I have the memory span of a goldfish.
I seem to be the oldest in my team. How depressing. Sighz.. Life sucks.
Had lots of complicated stuff to learn. Selling copier was much easier. Hope I would be able pick up fast enough and get stabilized soon. Starting to feel the stress.
As I grow older, I become slower and memory fails me terribly.
No time to dwell in my own misery. It's time to sleep.
This has been an extremely boring entry. Sorry about that.

Batam Trip, JB and Steamboat!

Batam & JB

Went to Batam on Saturday and came back on Sunday but didn't have time to blog because on immediately on Monday, I went to JB with SMBF, Naomi and my parents to buy grocery for today's steamboat.

Batam was a pretty relaxing trip. Took ferry from Tanah Merah to Nongsa and checked in to Nongsa Point Marina Resort with SMBF, Naomi, my parents, Terence, Regina and Terence's friend Ah Tiong.

Me, SMBF, Terence, Mum, Ah Tiong at the back, Naomi looking down and Dad. Regina went toilet.
The view outside taken from my room. Pretty nice right?
Sorry. That's the only 2 photos I took. Don't really like taking photos with phone and my phone is lagging like hell with too many photos in it. Dear you got the hint? Lol..
Anyway, we went for a swim at Turi Beach Resort which is about 10 mins walk away as the swimming pool at our resort is under renovation till December. Naomi was so sad when I told her no swimming. She almost cried and the look on her face is heart br…

Saying Thank You

You know how we as parents often teach our kids to say Please for the things they want and Thank You after they got it?

Kids usually pick up fast enough and make it a habit, but do we as parents practice that manners on our kids? I feel that we sometimes take for granted the things our kids do for us or maybe it's just me not having manners. =(

Naomi made me realize this yesterday. She was happily eating my pringles and I asked for a piece without even saying please.

I did not even say thank you too after I got it from her. She look at me finishing that piece of pringles then nudged me and said this: "Mummy say thank you to me!"

I was momentarily stunned for a moment before I got my senses back and said thank you to her while rolling my eyes.

It may seem funny in the beginning after telling my dad and SMBF then laughing it off thinking what a little adult she is.

After that, I gave it some serious thought.

What kind of a human would I want my daughter to be in the future…


I am officially unemployed as of today. It feels good not having to wake up early in the morning and mopping around the house the whole day. Have decided to be a full time blogger instead.

Just kidding! =P

Will be starting my new job next week. Taking a short break for now. Where will I be going? I can't tell you. It's some secret agent thing. If I tell you, I would have to silence you.

Actually, I'm just lazy to say it out. Ya. I know. Type so much rubbish can. Tell company name cannot. Aiyah.. Whatever lah!

Why did I leave my previous company? You ask. Ahhhhhhhhh.. That I would tell you.

Because the company management sucks big time!

This company has like the worst politics going on you can ever imagine. I'm appalled that they are not into real politics. They would have made it to the top but probably still not PAP's match la. Xiao Loong can pin them down with just 1 testicle, I mean finger.

Having a wimpy Japanese MD, mad dog GM (L), a scheming bitchy manager (D) …