Batam Trip, JB and Steamboat!

Batam & JB

Went to Batam on Saturday and came back on Sunday but didn't have time to blog because on immediately on Monday, I went to JB with SMBF, Naomi and my parents to buy grocery for today's steamboat.

Batam was a pretty relaxing trip. Took ferry from Tanah Merah to Nongsa and checked in to Nongsa Point Marina Resort with SMBF, Naomi, my parents, Terence, Regina and Terence's friend Ah Tiong.

Me, SMBF, Terence, Mum, Ah Tiong at the back, Naomi looking down and Dad. Regina went toilet.

The view outside taken from my room. Pretty nice right?

Sorry. That's the only 2 photos I took. Don't really like taking photos with phone and my phone is lagging like hell with too many photos in it. Dear you got the hint? Lol..

Anyway, we went for a swim at Turi Beach Resort which is about 10 mins walk away as the swimming pool at our resort is under renovation till December. Naomi was so sad when I told her no swimming. She almost cried and the look on her face is heart breaking. Thank God there is another resort with swimming pool nearby.

After the swim, we went for dinner at a Seafood Restaurant recommended by Terence. We had loads of food like fish, prawns, egg, crab, kang kong and crayfish. There were 8 of us and each person only paid SGD$30. Not sure if that is considered cheap but overall the food was fresh an okay.

Subsequently, we played poker cards in the resort room and guess what everyone of us did after that? We went to sleep la. What you all thinking? Hahaha..

Woke up for breakfast and after some more poker games, it was back to Singapore loh. Was so lethargic that I went to sleep really early that night.

Woke up at 7am on Monday and traveled to JB. Halfway thru the trip, Naomi fell promptly asleep on my leg.

Pardon my fat thighs. Concentrate on her cute face instead.

We went to the wet market to buy a few stuff then we proceeded to KSL to further shop for groceries. Me and my mum went to have our nails done while the men and Naomi went to the supermarket.


Had steamboat at home today with the whole family. Koi the Kuku came along too because she was the one who suggested steamboat. Oh.. The auntie I dislike came along too. Shall have another entry on her some other day. Had mahjong after lunch then ate dinner again after mahjong. I won $30. Woohoo..

 Appetizing no?

Naomi had loads of fun and fighting again with Dylan (Nephew) and Ashley (Niece). Then she thinks it's funny to draw on her face and hands with her markers.

God kill me! I swear she will the death of me soon. I do not know if I should laugh or cry.

So anyway, that's the end of this entry and end of my break. Tomorrow, I'm starting on my new job. Nope. I still won't say which company I'm working for. I just hope this will be the last company I work for in the next 5 years and everything will be smooth sailing for me.

Wish me luck! Good night everyone!


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