I hate my job!

Yes. You read that right. I totally hate my current new job. I'm not gonna name the company I'm working for as it's far too obvious and someone inside may find out that I bad mouthed the company from google search.

Yes. The company is well-known by many and I love buying from their website. Oops! I think you roughly know which company I'm talking about but their system totally sucks. They might have offered me a good basic and have good benefits but money is not everything.

Not to mention having to work long hours for an office job. 9am to 7pm leh. Whoever heard of a sales job with no commission? Even my customer don't believe I'm not getting paid commission for the accounts I bring in. And how can a company not provide training for new staff?

They expect me to know everything just because I have experience in sales? A good salesperson will fail badly in their job too if they do not know their products well! Smoking our way out does not work every single time!

I'm being taught 1 thing at a time after I closed an account or encounter customer asking questions that I do not know how to answer simply because I wasn't well-informed! Crap! I do not know how many times I made a fool out of myself because I do not know how to answer their questions.

Most customers are nice and do not probe further when I tell them I will get back to them once I have an answer but I got mocked by a not so nice customer once. He laughed at me right in my face calling me a newbie. Damn fucking embarrassing! This should not be happening! Am very unhappy about it!

I also hate being treated like a kid when all my co-colleagues are so much more younger than me. Just because I'm new in this industry doesn't mean I can be treated like this. I am experienced enough to know what can be done and what cannot be done! In terms of age, I'm also older. Have some respect!

Or maybe I should say I hate being micro managed. Asking long and short. Where you going la? Who you meet la? What company name la? What they deal with la? What time will you be back to the office la? This cannot la. That cannot la. You get the drift. I don't have to explain why I'm so pissed. This is what I have to say to them. KANINASAEYO! Neh! _|_

I initially took up this job even though no commission, but they offer high basic because I'm really tired of doing corporate sales. Fighting for numbers all day long and getting fucked all day long by that stupid GM.

Only after I join then I realize what a treat I'm in for. Even though no sales figure but we do have KPIs to hit too. And guess what? They keep changing your KPI throughout the month. Eh.. Can suka suka change KPI like that la. Stupid Korean fool! This is what I have to say to you. KANINASAEYO! Neh! _|_

I thought my job was to just open new accounts for customer and make sure they have sales coming in and occasionally get them to spend money to do advertising and promotions. I didn't know I have to set up their accounts for them and do listings for them blah blah blah.. All this are not in my job scopes man!

Have to do so much things I might as well carry on working in corporate sales right? At least I get paid commission for the effort I put in! Fucking crap! 1 of their job description is what leh. Having fun at work! Having fun my ass! So much nonsense to do and constantly being micro managed! They call this having fun? This people are sick in the mind. Once again, everyone say it together with me. KANINASAEYO! Neh! _|_

Pui pui pui pui pui pui pui pui! Okay. I'm done ranting. On a happier note, my Kate Spade wallet has arrived!

I'm loving it!
La la la la la


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