New camera and random new stuffs

Finally have time to blog. Am so tired everyday after work that the only thing I wanna do when I reach home is take a bath and sleep.

I'm so happy! Dear finally bought me a camera as advanced Christmas present! Yay! 3 cheers for SMBF!!!

Isn't it a beauty?

Lots of nice photos in the future! Not that my Note Edge can't take nice photos but it's just taking up too much space and causing my phone to be really laggy.

Recently went crazy and went on a shopping spree. Bought a Sony MP3 and a Kate Spade handbag shipped in from US but I super love the items I have now.

Chiang chiang! Occasionally pamper myself.

I'm not a selfish person though. SMBF's birthday is coming so I bought him a belt for his birthday. I also bought a Alpine Swiss Wallet for him as Christmas present but it has yet to arrive from US.

Goldlion buckle belt for SMBF!

It may not be anything expensive but it's the thought that counts right?

Okay. More blogging when I'm free.


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