Outing and Dinner at SMBF Auntie's House

Went out for a walk today with SMBF and Naomi at Orchard to look at Christmas decorations. Naomi got so excited with all the Christmas decorations.

We went to Pacific Plaza and saw a nice looking Christmas tree so we decided to go in and let Naomi take a photo.

While we were taking photos for her, an ang moh lady came over and ask if she can take a photo of Naomi too with the Christmas tree.

She said she is from France and she wanna take a photo back for her family to see. She also said Naomi is adorable therefore she wanna take a photo of her too so I said okay. =)

My adorable little angel

I also took photo with Naomi as she requested it but I look like a bloody pig in it! My goodness! Therefore, I refuse to put up the photo.

It's time for me to lose weight. I absolutely abhor how I look now. I've been gaining weight like crazy ever since I got together with SMBF.

I'm not blaming him but when 2 persons are together, they feel happy and tend to eat more. SMBF is a rather big eater so I somehow got influenced by him and started eating more too like how he got influenced by me and intake more sugar drinks than before.

We have agreed to start working out from tomorrow onwards and hopefully be able to lose some weight by end of the year.

Today is the 1st time I met SMBF's side of relative. Since the death of his parents, he is only left with his elder brother and they both go over to their auntie's house for dinner every Sunday as and when possible.

He has ever invited me over to his aunt's house for dinner before but I refused to go. I'm not so into meeting up with relatives unless on occasions. Even on occasions, I feel rather uncomfortable too because I can't really be myself and it's really boring.

I'm okay with cousins because we lots to talk about but not aunties and uncles. I just don't feel so good about it. I can be rather anti-social at times.

Partly, I'm worried about how his auntie and brother will view me and Naomi. How will they react after seeing us? I do not want SMBF to get caught in between if they do not like us.

But, as time goes by, I decided to give it a try. I know deep down in SMBF's heart he wants me to go along with him but stopped asking because he doesn't want me to feel obligated.

As our relationship got more stable, I start to think how long can I avoid it? I will eventually have to see them and thus agree to join him for dinner.

Things were not as bad as I thought it would. I met his brother, auntie and cousin for the 1st time. Although we didn't really talk much, it wasn't as awkward.

His brother was as per his description, weird. Doesn't talk much. Pretty much a loner.

His auntie on the other hand seems to like Naomi a lot. She said Naomi was pretty and even gave her a Kit Kat when we were leaving.

That pretty much sums up my otherwise usual boring Sunday. It's time to work again tomorrow. Somebody kill me please.

Nights everyone!


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